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We offer a high quality domestic and commercial paving service in Preston and surrounding areas. Our skilled landscapers can design and build patios, driveways, paths and most other paving instalments. 

We use robust installation methods and offer a guarantee with all of our work so you can be sure what you get wont let you down. 

Customise your paving with a wide range of paving styles, pointing colours and resin finishes. 

We offer paving on its own or as part of our full landscaping service. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas or get a quote. 

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Paving options

Our service includes paving installation and supply. We use tried and tested materials and techniques to give you a great finish. 

We can cut and fit paving to almost any shape so there is no limit to the possibilities. Choose your material and get in touch for a quote.  

Below we have listed the paving materials we use and their properties. You should be able to find something which feels right for you. 

Lime stone paving

Limestone Paving

Great for creating a rustic but bright feel. Limestone paving offers a wide variety of  textures and colours. Limestone paving is an all purpose material, used for everything from paths to driveways. 

Being porous, water will not pool on limestone paving for any length on time. It also won’t break building regulations surrounding nonporous materials. However, when dirty it can be difficult to clean. 

Block stone paving

Block Paving

Block paving gives you almost endless design possibilities with its range of materials and patterns. This surprisingly cost effective option will give you a great looking driveway or path. The choice of materials means it is suitable for both traditional and contemporary properties. See our block paving page for more information.

Brick paving

Brick and Clay

More expensive to lay than larger paving slabs, brick paving can create a fantastic rustic look. It is hard wearing and works well with wood and more traditional garden features.

Installing brick paving is more expensive that average due to its labour intensive nature. 

Granite paving

Granite paving

An expensive stone, but the cost can be justified as it will most likely last longer than the property and needs next to no maintenance. Granite paving brings class to any outdoor area and deals well with high foot traffic and bad weather.

Slate Paving

Slate paving

Slate paving works well in our cold climate. Its physical structure means that it resists the freeze-thaw cycle better than more porous stones.

Slate paving also looks classy and is available in lots of tones. It can be expensive if you want the charcoal grey or Welsh slate but there are cheaper alternatives such as Brazilian slate.

The downsides to slate paving are its brittleness and its potential to become slippery when wet. However don’t be put off by this as it is still one of the stronger paving materials and if kept clean, will not be slippery.

Indian sand stone paving

Sandstone (Indian sandstone)

Sandstone is the most popular choice among our customers. It offers a wider range of colours and textures, is versatile and easy to work with, and is cheap compared to alternatives.

Sandstone comes either cut or riven. Cut sandstone will have exact dimensions whereas riven sandstone will vary in thickness. Cut sandstone paving is better for a contemporary garden whereas riven sandstone retains a more natural look due to this inconsistency.  

Concrete paving


Usually chosen as the budget option, Concrete paving gives the highest variety of colours and textures for an affordable price.

Concrete paving can be moulded in any colour and texture, offering by far the largest array of choice. Saying that, it can be hard to find certain colours as most suppliers only stock the most popular. 

quartzite paving


An extremely hard natural stone with a glassy appearance and sugary texture. Quartzite paving commands a high price however it is virtually impossible to damage and will not need much maintenance.

Colours range from black to silvery grey and have a distinctive sparkle from the grains of quartz they contain. Quartzite paving is rare but can look fantastic with contemporary properties. 

White warble effect porcelain paving with grass in the background


Also called ceramic and porcelain paving, vitrified paving slabs are hard ceramic tiles which have a high resistance to weather and shock. They are easy to clean and have slip resistance surfaces.

Available in any colour you would like and a plethora of sizes, they can be used as a surface for patios, walkways, and driveways. 

York stone paving


One of the most popular paving stones in the UK, Yorkstone paving is perfect for adding an air of quality to a path or patio area. Available in sandy and grey colours with natural mineral veins in some, Yorkstones mellow hues add a timeless quality.

4 things to consider when choosing paving

What makes our paving service different is transparency, we want all our customer to get whats best for them so we have put together this quick guide to help.

Your driveway, path or patio will likely be with you for at least 10 years which means you need to be happy with it. This short guide looks at materials and other considerations when choosing paving. 


For a driveway or pathway that will endure heavy footfall, you should consider paving with high slip resistance. If you want to create an lovely patio to sip coffee and ponder life you should look into natural stones such as sandstone, limestone, and slate. They come in a variety of colours with rich pastels hues and veining which give your garden a premium feel.


Is your house traditional or contemporary? What features are already in the garden? Do you prefer rustic or modern, patchwork or uniform? Do you already have a colour scheme?

Wooden sleeper borders and York stone paving slabs could work well if you want a rustic look. Sawn Indian sandstone could give you the contemporary look you are after. Get a unique look with some high quality jointing compound between the paving slabs.

Pets and children

If it is likely that your little ones will bring dirt onto the patio then you may want to avoid light paving slabs. Light coloured paving can stain quickly and leave your patio looking worn. If you are set on having a light patio it can help to give it resin-sealed so it’s less porous and easier to clean.

Cost of Garden paving

Only around 20% of the cost of installing paving is actually spent on the materials. The groundwork, preparation, and labour make up the other 80% and this will be the same for almost all types of paving.

This can mean that the price difference between average and high end paving is not a lot. For example, we found that the difference between installing basic concrete slabs and great looking Indian stone paving is only £4 per square meter!

Installing high end stone paving is more cost effective in the long run. It will increase the value of your house, be easier to maintain, and most importantly, you will love it. After all, you don’t want to be staring at a stained concrete patio for 10 years when for only an extra £150 you could have premium sandstone.

Want to install paving yourself? 

If you are on the fence about whether to pay someone to lay your paving or do it yourself we have put together a How to lay paving: beginners guide. We have also put together a paving materials calculator and a paving pricing calculator so you can work out the best option for your paving. 

Paving service areas

Acorn Gardening offers paving services in Ashton, Bamber Bridge, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, Euxton, Fulwood, Grimsargh, Higher Walton, Hoghton, Howick Cross, Hutton, Lea, Leyland, Lostock Hall, Much Hoole, New Longton, Penwortham, Ribbleton, Riley Green, Samlesbury and Walton-le-Dale.