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Working out the quantity of top soil needed for a garden project can be difficult. As landscape gardeners this is something we do on a weekly basis so we thought i would be useful to create a tool to remove the human error and speed things up. 

Our top soil calculator uses measurements and prices which have proven to be true time and again when calculating top soil quantities. 

Enter your specifications. Quantities and prices of top soil are shown below. 



When using the top soil calculator start by choosing the units you measure in. Enter the length, width and depth of the area you want to cover or fill. 

Remember to enter the depth in meters not centimetres. For example 10 cm deep top soil would be 0.1m.

Types of soil 

Top soil is suitable for all growing applications, it is nutrient rich and generally has a sand content below 50%. 

Turfing/loam soil has a higher sand content, it is ideal as a base for turf or to add to clay soil. 

The consistency and quality of soil will vary depending on where it comes from. 

Delivery method

Grab bags typically contain 850 – 900kg of soil. They are sold as a bag and not usually by weight. Grab bags are an ideal solution to contain the top soil in one place. 

Loose tipping refers to a van or wagon tipping the soil straight onto the area. This can be best for large amounts of soil or where the soil will be moved with a digger. 

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