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Our porcelain paving is supplied primarily from Italy through local suppliers. All information on this page is to be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions.


Porcelain paving slabs will be a fixed distance apart (usually specified on quotes). We operate within a +/- 2mm tolerance on the gaps between slabs.

Level of the surface of paving slabs +/- 2mm excluding areas where this is not possible or the design requires otherwise.

Size and shape of paving slabs

Porcelain slabs come in various sizes and shapes. Within each type of paving, batches can have slight variations. Acorn Construction Ltd will work to reduce the impact of any variations on the design but cannot guarantee complete uniformity.

Guarantee information

What is covered?

All premium porcelain paving is covered for one year from the date of completion. The cover is against any faults which occur as a result of poor workmanship and fall outside the tolerances mentioned above.

The cover includes the paving base and the paving slabs and will cover things like slabs coming loose which will be resolved in line with the terms and conditions.

The cover excludes the pointing in the gaps between the paving slabs. The pointing is covered for 3 months from the date of completion and any repairs needed after this will be charged for.