Porcelain Paving: Superior Quality & Durability

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Porcelain paving is a great choice for people who want to make their property stand out from the crowd

It comes in an extensive variety of colours and patterns, meaning you can find a style that suits your taste and budget.

Porcelain paving is much more durable than other types of materials such as concrete or sandstone, which means it will last longer and not need repairs as often. Because of its manufacture process rather than synthetic material, porcelain paving doesn’t require any maintenance to keep looking good!

This article will go through the 5 main reasons you should go with porcelain paving for your property

1.Porcelain paving is highly durable

In order to make these beautiful slabs into something that can be used in your outdoor space, they need to have an amazing ability not only for resisting heat but also withstanding freezing temperatures.

This is where vitrification comes in.

Vitrified porcelain paving materials withstand cold weather and high amounts of foot traffic so you never worry about them breaking or losing their beauty over time like other products on the market now do.

2.Wide variety of colours, styles, sizes and textures

Thanks to advances in porcelain inkjet printing technology you can now get porcelain paving that looks a lot like the material that inspired it – great news if you want a stone, cement or wood effect outdoors.

Porcelain pavers offer a rich variety of styles and colours that make an exceptional addition to outdoor design, giving designers the ability to create visually stimulating spaces with full harmony.

The colours available are deeper and richer than many other types of paving when it comes to modern designs; often including mica flecks which makes this type of material almost indistinguishable from natural stone or wood in its richness.

Recently, the size options available in porcelain paving have multiplied significantly. You can get single porcelain pavers in sizes like 1200mm x 450mm or cobblestone blocks as small as 100mm x 100mm.

Porcelain planks come at a variety of different thickness and lengths – for example 200mm x1000mm slats are perfect for connecting staggered brick patterns on walls or even picture frames designs. Even 1½ inch thick pieces work well with new lathe-like designs being used today.

3.Low maintenance

Porcelain pavers are a durable surface that can be used to create beautiful and functional patios. They have no water absorption, so you don’t need any sealers or protective coatings to keep them looking like new.

Spills including oil or grease won’t cause issues because they’re easy enough for the right cleaner to remove from porcelain without leaving behind stains of their own!

Porcelain is perfect around grills that commonly leave residue on other surfaces as well; it’s practically impervious against all liquids making your patio maintenance simple with some soap and water if something does happen!

The impermeability of porcelain paving not only prevents penetration by most liquids, oils, grease and chemicals but also makes them exceptionally moss/mould resistant.

If any mould or moss does accumulate because of specific climatic conditions or lack of sunlight it can be easily removed.

4.Weather resistant

Porcelain paving has many benefits when compared to concrete, one of which is that porcelain paving will not be susceptible to freeze/thaw cracking.

This is one of the main disadvantages of concrete and other types of paving, eventually heating and cooling during the seasons will fracture and damage the surface.

Most types of paving, especially natural stone are not very UV resistant and over time they get bleached by the sun.

This is not the case with porcelain paving, as it has a high UV resistance.

We frequently get asked to install sandstone and limestone for their dark colours, both of these paving types start dark but fade over time without treatment. Porcelain paving on the other hand will not fade, it has a high resistance to UV light.

5.Long lifespan

As a result of all the properties above porcelain paving has an exceptionally long lifespan.

This is one of the main reasons that it has become so popular in recent years, as people are looking for a paving type which will last them many decades and not need to be replaced after only ten or twenty years.

Just make sure that you get it installed my a professional who uses a full cement base and not just a spot base. This is the only way to make sure that it will last as long as its potential lifespan.

In conclusion, porcelain paving is a great option for anyone looking to invest in their property and make sure that they have an exceptionally long lasting, low maintenance surface.

It’s also worth noting the wide range of colours available which means you can choose one perfect colour scheme or mix it up with different shades depending on your preference!

Despite the higher price tag you will get a much nicer finish and a much longer lasting surface.

If you are thinking of going for porcelain paving but have some more practical questions we have written an helpful FAQ article covering the most commonly asked questions.

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