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Paving calculator: 5 metrics for the perfect paving

As paving experts we need to accurately calculate the quantities of materials needed on a weekly basis. Our paving calculator tells you exactly how much sand, cement, hardcore, pointing and paving slabs you need for your area. We even calculate the amount of waste disposal you will need to deal with. 

The paving calculator includes wastage so you know exactly how much of everything you are getting. It includes the recommended 10% additional which accounts for wastage and errors. 

The calculation is based on using our method which is suitable for most areas including high foot traffic areas and driveways.

Paving calculator

Paving area details

Paving slab details


Type 1 MOT for compacted base


Brush in resin compound




Based on excavating 180mm paving base depth


To mix with cement


Usually sold in 25 kg bags

Paving calculator information and recommendations


Hardcore sub base, also know as Type 1 mot, is a ground up rock limestone product which is used as an infill for the base for paving, driveways, ponds and some roads. It is permeable and can be compacted to create a sturdy base. 

Hardcore sub base is an excellent base for paving. It can be purchased from most builders merchants in bulk bags or loose tipped.


Cement is used as an ingredient of the concrete which will support the paving slabs and separate them from the hardcore subs base. Cement is sold in 25 kg bags. We would recommend getting plastic bags as even a small amount of damp can make cement unusable. 

Builders sand

Builders sand is a coarse washed sand which is ideal as concrete when mixed with cement. 

Resin pointing

For all slabs other than standard concrete, resin pointing is a rapid method to fill the gaps between the slabs with a high quality and good looking effect. 

We recommend the Nexus Pro brush in mix. Sold in 15 kg packets it will save you a huge amount of time and can be installed easily with a brush. 

Waste disposal 

For large amounts of inert waste the best disposal methods are skip and grab wagons. An 8 yard sip will cost around £180 and can hold around 8000kg. 

IF you have room to store waste, grab wagons can usually take around 15000 kg and cost around £180. This makes them a much cheaper option but they need space to manoeuvre. 


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Acorn landscape gardening are paving expert and work all over Preston and the Northwest. If you are looking for professionally installed paving check out our paving page or get in touch. 

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