Indian stone paving and garden clearance, Penwortham, PR1 OXQ


Used Acorn Gardening twice now, first rate service and a quality job each time. Many thanks for all your efforts and will be in touch for the other jobs on my list!



John was looking to turn his large garden in to something he and the family could enjoy.  To begin with, the garden was completely overgrown with trees, bushes and other plants. It was inaccessable and unusable. 

Large gardens can be expensive to landscape so John decided to get it sorted out in stages, doing some of it himself and getting us in to do other parts. 

It started with a garden clearance which was a whole day of removing the overgrown vegetation to create a clean slate for future landscape gardening work. 

John was happy with the garden clearance work we completed so he decided to hire us to lay an indian stone patio in the back garden. 

What did we do?

  • Free consultation. Ian went to visit John to give quotes for his planned work
  • Clearing the overgrown garden. The garden had grown out of control and needed cutting back to make way for the new one. We used power tools to rapidly get rid of everything then we disposed of the waste.  
  • Digging out the patio area. With a few tonnes of soil to be removed, we hired in a digger and a large skip to take care of the heavy digging. 
  • Laying the resin sealed Indian stone patio.  Using our specialised technique we layed the perfect Indian stone patio and sealed it with high quality resin to make sure it looks good long term. We used grey sandstone to 

Delighted with the progress so far

John has been delighted with the results from using our landscape gardening service. The garden still isn’t complete but we are here to help with the next stages when he is ready. This year we have helped him get a few steps closer to having a wonderful garden for him and the family to enjoy. 

Excavating the ground ready to lay a patio in penwortham
Laying the hardcore foundation for the paving in Penwortham
Finished Indian stone paving patio. Landscaped by Acorn Gardening

Looking for more services?

Garden clearance and paving are part of our landscape gardening service. Visit our home page to check out our other services.