Indian stone paving, block stone borders, turf, lap panel fencing, river gravel
Close board privacy fence around front garden

Full garden landscaping, Walton-Le-Dale

Like most houses on a new estate, Johns house came with an uninspiring garden. The materials were cheap and the design was generic. It wasn’t nice to looks at or particularly great for hosting people and enjoying in the summer. 

John wanted his garden to compliment his house. He wanted it to look designed and different. Spaces for garden furniture were a must. He wanted something that would be useful now and increase the value of the property when it came to upgrading. 

Everything in the garden and front area needed replacing. This included the fence, turf, gravel and old decking. With everything he needed doing he struggled to find someone who had the skills for all the different jobs. 

Its easy enough to find someone who can fence or pave or turf but he didn’t fancy coordinating between different companies. This was a hassle he could do without. 

After finding Acorn Gardening online and reading our landscaping services pages it sounded like we could do everything he asked for. But could we live up to our promises? and would we charge a fortune for the service? 

He got in touch a discussed what he wanted with Ian our project manger. John didn’t know exactly what he was after but he had an idea of the feel he wanted to create. 

Together they discussed the details and came up with a plan which gave him what he wanted. Using our insider knowledge he managed to deign an amazing garden with unique features at a price far lower than the high street. 


Front area



Close board privacy fence around front garden

What we did

  • Removed the old stuff

    There was old fences, turf, decking, gravel, plants and more. This all needed removing to make way for the new features. We took care to think ahead and leave in place anything which would be useful in the building phase of the project. This includes bed soil, fencing wall fixtures and tarmac. 

  • Built a fence

    A fence is the frame of the garden so this was the first thing to go in. We drilled and dug down to 60cm to ensure that the reinforced concrete fence posts wouldn’t budge at all. We then installed treated lap panel fencing. Lap panel fencing with concrete posts creates a contemporary look and will last at least 10 years. This is the most popular choice of fencing we do. See our fencing page.

  • Paving

    John wanted two 25m square areas of paving installed. He wanted it to be dark in contrast to the bright fence panels. Ian recommended grey sandstone as a durable, contemporary looking stone. To make it stand out we also recommended using black sand resin. This is an unusual choice but one that works well with the garden and adds to the contrast. See our paving page.

  • Block stone borders

    The three main areas of paving, turf and gravel needed to be separated by something robust and aesthetic. For this we chose rough cut, dark stone sets. They give the garden structure and work as a feature themselves. 

  • Turf

    A 25m square area of high quality turf was laid  on top of premium compost and soil. By the start of summer this will be fully integrated and will be a healthy, luscious lawn.

  • Planting

  •  The small area outside the front of Johns house was overgrown with weeds and looking dreary. We planted a variety of seasonal low maintenance grasses and shrubs to give it colour all year round. 

  • Gravel 

    The boarders of the garden and the base of the front area were to be covered with gravel. To give it a soft feel and carry on with the light and dark theme were selected tumbled river gravel. This is a mixture of stones which have grey overtone but with hints of vibrant colour dotted throughout. 

Indian stone paving, black resin, block stone borders

Black resin sealed paving
Fully landscaped garden in Walton-le-dale 2018

Garden area



Landscaping job Walton-le-dale

Greater than the sum of its parts

Johns new garden is leaps and bounds ahead of the standard one he was given with the house. He as personalised it and turned it into something that fits him and gives him a beautiful private space to enjoy. 

The benefits of using one company for the whole job are evident here as all the work went smoothly and the features fit together perfectly. 

All of the features and plans in the garden will only get better with time. John is over the moon with his new garden and cant wait to have a few beers and chill out in it when the weather improves. 

Some times people find something wrong with the work after it has been done. A wobbly slab or a loose fence panel. We use refined methods to make sure this doesn’t happen but for added peace of mind we offer to fix anything that was our fault free of charge. 

Looking for more services?

We work with professional designers and can build almost any outdoor structure or garden feature. If you want to make some improvements or have a new garden built please get in touch. You will be surprised how easy and affordable it really is.