Wooden sleepers and resin sealed Indian stone paving

How the landscaping work was planned

This week we have finished another landscape gardening job in Freckleton Preston. David had large grassy garden surrounded plenty of trees. He wanted to increase the privacy of his garden and create a nice outdoor living space for BBQ’s and to relax in good weather. 

Ian, our project manager, visited David at the site to discuss the details and the potential options for materials and work schedules. Ian the came back with a developed plan and a price which David was delighted with. Two weeks later the work began. 

Indian stone paving ready to be laid in Freckleton

The work consisted of creating an Indian stone patio area and a heavy duty wooden fence. 

Laying the resin sealed Indian stone paving

Laying the base

David wanted a 50m sq area paving with something which looked good and was durable, but wouldn’t break the bank. We recommended Indian sandstone as the best option. With its hard wearing structure and lashings of pastel colours we thought it would look perfect. 

The first step was to measure up the area and remove the top soil down to the correct depth. We did this using a small JCB digger and constant measuring to ensure we got the right depth. With this done it was time to move onto filling. 

To ensure adequate drainage we first fill the area with crushed bricks and rough sand. Then using a whacker plate it is compressed to form a firm foundation. 

Laying hardcore

The next step was to lay out a finer sand and then compress it suing the whacker plate. This gave a smooth finish which we could lay the cement on top of. 

Laying Indian Stone Slabs

We then started laying over 300 slabs in a mosaic style. Using cement we created a grid of dots connected by bridges. Each dot holds up a corner of a slab. This ensures that all slabs are attached to their neighbours and wont come loose after wear and tear. 

When the slabs were down the next step is to fill the gaps with sand fist and then resin. We do this by brushing the sand in first, up to a level where wt can catch the resin as it falls into the gaps. 

The resin mixture has to be spread fast and sets rock hard. This makes the whole structure solid and crack free. The resin we use also brings out the natural colours in the Indian sand stone. Our paving service installs all types of paving. 

Installing a sleeper border

To create a distinct and classy boarder between the patio area and the grass we used heavy wooden sleepers. Sleepers are solid and will look good for years, even when they start to deteriorate. 

Together, the Indian sand stone patio and the sleepers create a beautiful, functional outdoor space. Imagination is the old limit to what can be done with a landscape garden. 

Installing heavy duty fencing

With the old fencing being poorly installed and heavily aged it was time for something which would stand the test of time. The picture to the right shows the exterior of the fence. Our fencing service can construct custom fences for most gardens

The posts were spaced at 2m and set at a depth of 2ft with cement foundations. The read of the fence is reinforced with 2 x 4 treated wooden beams . There are screwed to each other and to the fence for added security.

Although going against the convention, having the front of the fence facing inwards has a nice effect. 


Heavy duty garden Fencing, Freckleton

Creating great looking landscape gardens that stand the test of time

This job is just one more example of the start to finish excellence we provide. The landscape we created for David both looks fantastic and will do so for years to come. If there are any problems with it in the future we are always on had to fix them. 

If you are reading this and would like to see how much your landscape garden idea would cost then please get in touch.