Landscaping project Preston: Small turfed lawn

Work completed April 2019


Jess recently moved into a house with an old lawn in the back yard. As with any lawn that is not looked after, the quality had deteriorated and it looked scruffy. 

We removed the old lawn with all the weeds, debris and other bits and installed a lovely new one. Once the roots have taken hold in 2 – 3 weeks this will be ready to use and look fresh and green for years to come. 

Newly turfed lawn in central Preston
Newly laid lawn, Preston

Fast turn around

Acorn gardening carries out small landscaping projects like this one on a weekly basis. We have refined our process to make sure we are quick, professional, clean and always good quality. 

We know that the last thing you want is to live on a muddy building site for days or weeks so we make sure to get the work done as fast as possible. For small gardens like this you can expect it to be completed in a day or two. Much faster than our competitors. 

For speed and quality you wont be disappointed by Acorn Gardening. 

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