Low maintenance garden, Lostock Hall

Work completed April 2019


A recent garden in the low maintenance category completed in Lostock Hall. Jane and her husband were having problems with the drainage and maintaining the lawn. They decided it was time for a fresh start and asked us what their options were for the budget. After discussing some options they opted for new drainage, some contained flower beds, a stone circle feature and lovely flint gravel. 

What we have done

  1.  Removed the old garden and installed a large drainage cube at the rear of the garden. We dug out and then levelled the area then took the waste away.
  2.  Install the flower beds. We custom built two flower beds to give some life to the garden. The rear one is made from cut sleepers and is custom built at the site.
  3. Stone circle garden feature with Japanese shrub. This acts as a central feature which adds class to the garden. 
  4. Gravel. 2 tons of premium quality gravel was used to cover the area.  

The gravel and deep drainage cube will ensure very good surface drainage. With only 3 small growing area the garden will be very easy to manage and will look good no mater the time of year. 

Jane is extremely happy with her garden and has already asked us back to do more work. 

Finished low maintenance landscape garden. in Lostock Hall.
A small garden with a new flower bed, flint gravel, new drainage and a custom built raised bed at the back

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