Landscaping work on converted farm. Showing new garden features including raised wooden planters and new fencing

Phase 1 of large landscaping job

Landscape gardening Preston

This is part of a large landscaping project being completed in 3 phases. The first phase was for the front of the property. 

The total space of the grounds is very large with over 700 square meters of usable space. Being a converted farm, the property was built to be functional but lacked decorative features or much colour. 

The first phase is aimed at breaking up the grey of the front of the property, bringing in colour and variety. All the features and even the fence panels are custom built for this job. 


4 bar and slatted fencing

Slatted fence panels
4 bar fence gate way
4 bar fence with cattle grid

Replacing the dilapidated wire and board fencing with new sturdy fencing gives the area structure and a polished look. The area is elevated and has high exposure to the elements so solid fence(fences with no gaps) don’t hold up well. The slatted panels in the picture were custom made to be strong and resilient in the wind. 

Raised planters

stepped wooden planter
raised wooden planter

We used raised planters to break up the area. They stand up to all that the British weather can throw at them, provide great structure and create large planting areas. 

The planting is a mix of hardy but colourful flowers, grasses and shrubs. When they bloom in a couple of months time it will create the feeling of being surrounded by nature. The planting displays will be enhanced throughout the year by annual bulbs to be planted in summer.