Modern landscape gardening work, Fullwood Preston

Landscaping work completed September 2019


In need of a makeover for years, this garden went from a depressing patch of lumpy grass to a stunning modern garden in just a few days. 

The landscape gardening was carried out by Ian and the team from Acorn Gardening. Now they have a stunning garden to relax in which will take little or no time to maintain. 

This is one example of landscaping a small garden well. The use of differ materials and stone borders gives a zen feel to the garden which is helped by the small water feature in the centre. 

All the materials used here are what we recommend for maximum value for money. They can be used in hundreds of combinations with other features to create unique, durable and cost effective gardens. 

Landscaping features 

Here is a short run through of the garden features you can see in the images

Indian sand stone 

With the popular red hue, Indian sandstone is the most cost effective way to get real stone paving. It is durable, great looking and comes in at only a fraction more than boring concrete slabs. It has to be the most popular paving stone in the UK for domestic properties. 

Artificial grass 

Using premium, double lined artificial grass with a medium pile gives the look of a freshly cut, green lawn all year round. 

We use a base of firm sand within an anchored wooden frame to endure the artificial grass is pleasant to walk on and wont budge at all. With built in drainage, artificial grass can also keep the puddles away. 

Wooden sleep boarders/planters 

A speciality of ours, wooden sleeper planters create the visual structure of the garden. They are sturdy, look great and just get better as they age. Its no wonder they are one of our most popular items. 

Lap panel fencing 

Garden fences are a must have for security and privacy. The fence here gives the garden a the privacy it needs to be a relaxing space. The wood has been stained to fit with the rest of the garden and with the right treatment should stay strong for 10 years. 

Stone block edging

Stone block edging gives the garden a look of high end design and creates a solid structure to hold other elements in place. Stone block are held in place with a concrete foundation and resin set sand to fill the gaps. The colours create a unique effect which changes with the weather and with age. 

Installed artificial grass, Indian Stone paving, golden gravel, grey wooden decking. Full landscaping work
Small garden with decking and handing chairs. Landscape gardening work by Acorn Gardening Preston
Close up shot of a stone block border between artificial grass and Indian stone paving

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