Back garden landscaping project, Tarleton

Work completed April 2019


Our recent landscaping work in Tarleton for Chris and Angie was one of our favourites. They had planned out exactly what modifications the wanted so they could enjoy the garden with their daughter.

Landscaping work completed

  1. Improve the decking. They already had decking installed but wanted to frame it with flower beds. We custom built sturdy flower beds which fit in with the original decking. 
Wooden decking area with custom build wooden planters

2. Extend the patio. Their patio only surrounded a small area of the new conservatory. It wasn’t big enough for barbecues and it looked a unfinished. We colour matched their original slabs and pointing on both sides giving them a distinct patio area. 

Extended patio area with yellow concrete slabs

3. Framing the garden (image 3). Borders can add something nice to a garden and make the boundaries between different areas distinct. Here we installed a weathers block border to frame the lawn area.

Blokc stone border framing lovely garden

4. Levelling the lawn area . Their lawn area is in such a nice spot when the weather is good but it was a little unusable die to uneven slopes. This also made it look off. We moved shifted soil around to make the level consistent then planted grass seed. In a few weeks they will be able to sit out on a lovely flat lawn with their daughter. 

What they liked most

Chris and Angie were delighted with the work we carried out. Most of all they liked how helpful we were when they were coming up with a plan. Some customers have an idea of what they want but don’t have the insider knowledge to know how to make it happen. We consulted with them to find the best solutions which worked within their budget. This included changing the real stone border for a simulated stone concrete border which looks even better but comes in at 2 thirds of the cost.  

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