Custom designed sandstone paving circle, Longton

Work completed August 2019

About out custom paving work

A stunning and unique design with a lowered stone circle and raised decking. This area has been built to house a large paddling pool in the summer and a trampoline in the winter. The walls at the rear are going to be rendered in the next stage of this project. 

Like many customers, here there work is being completed in stages with each usable stage built bit by bit. This is standard practice and preferred by some customers as it offered them flexibility. 

What we have done

  1. Built the walls and excavated the area. This area was lumpy ground be fore hand. We excavated and levelled the are then framed it with the breeze block walls you can see in the pictures. 
  2. Drainage. With the centre of the sandstone paving circle being lowered below the ground level of the garden drainage was an issue. To solve this we installed a storm drain with a small access drain which can been seen in the centre of the circle. 
  3. Crafting the stone circle. Using grinders and other cutting techniques we cut the sand stone slabs to fit the circle area. 
  4. Decking. After the paving was complete the decking was installed. We use our high quality method of concrete plug foundations to ensure a level and secure base which will last decades and allow proper drainage. 
Grey sand stone paving area with light wood decking and a stone circle
Landscape gardening stone area with decking and trellis fencing
Custom designed stone circle

Custom designed paving and decking

We custom build with most materials which gives our customers all types of options. This customer used his imagination to create something useful which will bring the family together for years to come. Our guarantee ensures that both the paving and the decking will be top quality. 

We want to encourage everyone to make their garden their own. Bring your ideas together from wherever they come from and we can make them a reality. The great outdoors enhances our lives and bring people together. It should be seen as an extension to our houses and treated with as much care as the living room. 

We offer a comprehensive landscaping service 

Acorn Gardening landscaping services provide an all in one solution to any external work you may be considering. Take a look at our past projects or get in touch if you have any ideas you would like to explore.