Garden clearance and renovation

“Giving Claire back a sense of pride in her home and an area she can enjoy”

Why did Claire call us?

Claire had a large garden with a long driveway and path down the side of the house. Over the years the trees, bushes and Ivy had gotten out of hand and made the space unusable and unsightly. 

Claire has a daughter and likes to entertain and relax in the garden. The state of the garden meant she couldn’t do any of that and was starting to get embarrassed when friends came over. 

She wanted to be proud of her house and be able to enjoy it to the full. So, she Called Ian at Acorn gardening to see if he could solve the problem. 

What did we do?

  • Free consultation. Ian went to visit Claire at a time the worked for her. They discussed what she needed and then Ian got back to her with a quote.
  • Ivy removal. Ivy had overgrown the fences and was starting to damage them in places. We used high powered hedge cutters to remove the bulk and then carefully cut off the remaining parts by hand. Removal years of growth in just a few hours. 
  • Tree Pruning. Tree branches had grown out of had and were blocking light, dropping leaves and threatening to fall. We used an optic chainsaw and hedge cutter to remove everything up to 10m high. This wont need doing again for another 2 – 3 years. 
  • Remodelling the back yard. The flowerbed had fallen out of shape and was overgrown. The pebbles were full of weeds and it generally looked a mess. We changed the shape of the flowerbed and gave it a strong new retaining fence. We chopped back the foliage to give it a neat fresh look which can be easily maintained. 
  • Disposing of the waste. As you would expect, there is a lot of waste from work like this. We included this cost in the original quote. 

Claire was delighted with our garden clearance and landscaping service. She now has something has can be proud of and somewhere she can relax in good weather.

Looking for more services?

Garden clearance and remodelling is just one part of what we do. To see our other services check out our home page.