Full garden landscaping, Leyland

Work completed April 2019


Gary and his family have lived at their home in Leyland for 5 years. The house came with a large garden area which hadn’t been improved in years. Gary wanted to turn the area into something practical and good looking so he got in touch for a chat about the potential design. After assessing the area and their needs we recommended separating it into a parking area and a garden area. Gary liked the idea so we got to work. 

What we did

  1.  The area was covered in destroyed tarmac, mud and other debris. Our first job was to remove all of this using a digger and good old hard work. The areas for the fence, turf and gravel were measured and marked out according to the design. 
  2. Installing the fence and gates. We installed a treated wooden fence with concrete supports and a custom built gate. The fence will last 5 to 10 years. The gates work well for privacy and security. 
  3. Installing the turf. The turf lawn area was elevated and levelled using soil and compost. The turf was then installed and a 40cm border for planting was left around the sides. 
  4. In the gravel parking area we created a flower bed border using sleepers which would separate the hedged and the grave whilst looking great. 
  5. We then got 8 tones of gravel delivered and carefully spread it to a depth of 4 cm for optimum firmness to coverage ratio. 
Clearing and levelling and area using a digger.
Rear fence and turf at landscaping job in Leyland,.
Front gravel parking area
Custom built gate, Leyland

3 days, start to finish

We have refined our work processes so that we complete projects as fast as possible. This project was finished in 3 days so Gary and his family could enjoy the garden by the weekend. We can finish multiple projects in 1 week which means you can have your dream garden built in no time. Nobody wants their house to be a building site. 

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