Composite Decking Preston

Work completed January 2019


As part of a larger landscape gardening job we have installed a small raised composite decking area in a garden in Preston. We completed this wok on the 8th of January 2019.

Composite decking is quickly becoming the most popular choice for decking in Preston. Composite decking is hard wearing, low maintenance and available in a wide variety of styles. 

Acorn Gardening install composite decking in Preston and the surround areas. We are seasoned professionals and have a record to exceeding customer exceptions. 

This short article explains what we did when installing the decking shown above. 

Composite decking Preston small

What we did

  • Cleared the area of all roots, soil and other debris so we could create a level base. 
  • Laid a concrete base. It is important that composite decking is laid on an even solid foundation. Cement bases provide the idea foundation in smaller areas such as this.
  • Built the decking. The composite decking we used here was wood effect and solid (as opposed to hollow). We expect this decking will look great for at least 25 years and will need very little maintenance. 
  • Wooden sleeper boarders. The edges around the decking are made from wooden sleepers. These are heavy wooden beams treated with weather resistant coating. They give a lovely effect and a solid feel.  Wooden sleepers can be stained to match any colour of decking and are a versatile ingredient when constructing garden features.

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