Artificial Grass and Picket fencing, Chorley, PR6 9EU

David and his wife wanted to create a safe place for their two your children to play when the weather gets better. They had recently moved into a lovely on stone house in the Chorley area. There was a small garden which was mostly old gravel and has some uneven paving and a steep stet of steps on one side. It wan’t very nice or very safe for the children.

They called Acorn Gardening to find out how they could make their garden safe on a limited budget. David and the family decided to surface the areas with premium artificial grass. They also decided to have a picket fence built around the steps fence relay and the large, uneven York stone paving which was already installed. 

Before pictures

David had already called some other landscape gardeners but had found that they weren’t able to do everything he wanted them to do. Acorn Gardening have multi skilled employees who were able to pave, lay artificial grass and install fences into stone foundations. 

What did we do?

  • Free consultation. Ian  liaised over the phone with David who provided the details we need to give a quote. Happy with the quote, we proceed to landscape the area. 
  • Level the area. Careful not to disturb the base sand, we rolled out and orientated the artificial grass. Then we carefully cut it, joined it and screwed it down to make sure it would stay secure for years to come. See our artificial grass page.
  • Picket fence construction and installation. We built the picket fence on site so it fit perfectly. We drilled the steel supports into the York stone slabs to make sure they were secure. See our fencing page. 
  • Re-lay the York stone paving. Using extra caution to avoid breaking the slabs we lifted and relayed each one using heavy duty cement mix. 
  • Disposing of the waste. There was 2 tones of waste which we disposed of. 

Now they have a safe place for their girls to play

As we were leaving, one of Davids girls was planning where to put her slide. The whole family were delighted with the results and amazed at how fast and professionally we had worked. 

After pictures

Artificial grass and picket fencing, Chorley
Chorley Landscape gardening work, after picture 2

If you are thinking about getting your garden redone then please get in touch for a free quote. 

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