Landscaping materials Guide

We have created this guide to help you choose the right materials for you. The variety of products shown covers the basic types of each material.

If you would like something different or a variation of one of the materials please ask. There are many variations of each material available. 

The pricing scale is to help you compare one variety of a product to another. Pricing is based on the full cost of supply and installation.

Prices are rated on a scale of £ to ££££. Prices are relative to their category e.g. paving or fencing. A ££ rating in paving will not represent the same price range as a ££ rating in fencing. 

Exact prices vary and availability cannot be guaranteed.

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Concrete paving

Price: £ – ££

Concrete paving is generally the cheapest type of paving because it is man made and needs little processing. It is available in a large variety of colours and styles. Higher quality will usually cost more. 

Granite paving

Price: £££

Granite paving is high quality, very strong and stain resistant. Granite comes in a range of natural colours and can be smooth or textured. 

Sandstone paving

Price: ££

Sandstone paving is the best value and most popular option for patios and paved areas. It is available in a wide range of colours and patterns. It has good durability and is fairly resistant to algae. Lighter colours can stain if not sealed or cleaned. 

Limestone paving

Price: ££ – £££

Limestone paving offers some darker tones than sandstone paving. It can also achieve a more polished look when it is sawn rather than riven. Like sandstone, limestone is strong, resistant to algae and an all round good choice. 

Porcelain paving

Price: £££

Porcelain paving is a high quality man made paving. It is available in a huge variety of shapes, textures, colours and patterns. It is extremely strong, slip resistant and resistant to all staining. Porcelain paving delivers a high quality finish. 

Slate paving

Price: £££

Slate paving is chosen for its unique appearance and its high quality. Although brittle, slate paving is extremely strong and resistant to almost everything. It is available in a variety of colours with grey, purple and black hues. 

Yorkstone paving

Price: £££

Unique to the Yorkshire area Yorkstone brings a look of rustic quality. It is extremely strong and resistant to everything the British weather can throw at it. Some varieties can be hard to come by due to limited supply.  

Edging and borders


Fence posts


Wooden decking

Composite decking