How small improvements can make a large difference

Landscape gardening project, Hutton, Preston

Work completed May 2019


Reina wanted to improve her garden in Hutton and make use of the overgrown part nest to the wall. She didn’t want to spend too much or have work going on for a long time. 

Together we came up with some small landscaping alterations which would make her garden look great and be ready to enjoy the summer months outside. 

The pictures show finished raised slate bed which will be filled with potted plants and furniture. 

What we have done

  1. Raised the ground, Installed the treated wooden sleeper border and filled the area with high quality slate gravel. 
  2. Levelled and seeded the area surrounding (the soil area in the picture). This area will be covered in fresh green grass in around 2 weeks time. 
  3. Installed stepping stones to protect the grass from wear. 
Raised slate bed with wooden borders, Hutton - Preston

Simple changes make a big difference

Reinas garden is a great example of how some inexpensive, simple changes can vastly improve a garden. Our landscaping work has taken her garden from looking bare and abandoned to looking designed and appealing.

Landscape gardening projects don’t always need to change much to have a large impact. You don’t always have to get it redone, some areas can simply be improved. 

Our landscape gardening experts can help you work out how to adapt whats already there to create a fantastic garden.