Indian stone paving with block stone boarders on a back garden landscaping job in Chorley, Lancashire
Whole garden landscaping job in Chorley, Lancashire

Paving, turf and fencing work, Chorley

This post walks you through a landscaping job completed by Acorn Gardening in Chorley in 2019. 

Stewart has lived in Chorley for a few years now and has been gradually doing up the house. This year it was time for the garden to get done. 

He wanted the whole back garden done in one go. This included a new paving area for table and chairs, some nice turf, a shed base, a new fence and some stepping stones across the grass. 

After getting in touch, Acorn Gardening drew up a few designs to see which ones Stewart liked best. We take care to discuss designs from different points of view such as cost, practicality and looks. This process results in the best choice for our customers. 

Before hand, the garden was dreary, waterlogged and not great to look at. 

What we did

  • Removed the old stuff

    We got rid of the old fences, poor quality turf, old slabs and everything else that needed removing. 

  • Built a fence

    The fence is the frame of the garden so this was the first thing to go in. We drilled and dug down to 60cm to ensure that the reinforced concrete fence posts wouldn’t budge at all. We then installed treated lap panel fencing. Lap panel fencing with concrete posts creates a contemporary look and will last at least 10 years. This is the most popular choice of fencing we do. See our fencing page. 

  • Paving

    Stewart had settled on an Indian stone patio and path with block stone borders. We dug out and levelled the area before carefully shaping and installing the new paving slabs and stones. 

  • Turf

    An area of high quality turf was laid  on top of premium compost and soil. By the start of summer this will be fully integrated and will be a healthy, luscious lawn. 

  • paved shed shed bases 

    The two shed bases came last. The area has poor drainage so the shed base needed to be hold together well to avoid cracking if the ground deforms in the future. We made sure to create a sturdy cement structure under the slabs. This helps to resist any small movements in the ground.  For more information about our paving see our paving page. 

Landscaping job gallery

Indian Stone patio area with black pointing

Whole garden landscaping job in Chorley, Lancashire

Indian stone path with block stone edge

Indian stone paving with block stone boarders on a back garden landscaping job in Chorley, Lancashire

Stepping stones accross grass

Stepping stones across grass on landscapign job in Chorley, Lancashire

Two paved shed bases

Two paved shed bases, Chorley, Lancashire

New fence with concrete posts

Two paved shed bases, Chorley, Lancashire

Fixed pannel fencing

Two paved shed bases, Chorley, Lancashire

Greater than the sum of its parts

Stewarts new garden is for the family and will be ready to go by summer. Hes delighted with the quality of the work and the professionalism of our landscape gardeners

It takes time for new turf to embed its self fully so we advise leaving a few months between new turf and using the garden. 

Looking for more services?

We work with professional designers and can build almost any outdoor structure or garden feature. If you want to make some improvements or have a new garden built please get in touch. You will be surprised how easy and affordable it really is.