Large landscaping project, Tarleton

Work completed March 2019


Jason has renovated a house and is in the process of getting the extensive garden area reconstructed. Acorn Gardening have been managing the whole project including installing drainage, tarmacking the driveway, building walls (to be rendered shortly) and creating flower beds. This post shows some of the progress so far. 

What we have done

  1.  The first picture shows a turning circle and wall which we build in front of Jasons house. we also installed french drains and lighting cables under the lawn and the hardcore. 
  2.  The second picture shows the large back garden area. This was an overgrown mess when we arrived. Over the course of a few days we removed tones of clay, replaced the surface with nutrient rich compost, levelled the area and laid the new turf. 
Turfed turning circle at a landscaping project in Tarleton.
Large turfed back garden in Tarleton, Installed by Acorn Gardening.
Large turfed lawn with shadow of a house on it

Still work to be done

This is an ongoing project which requires lots of different skills such as rendering, electrics, tarmacking and concreting. We are use to working with and managing other contractors to get you the complete package. If you have a complicated project in mind for the garden it likely we can help!

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