Landscaping project, Penwortham

Work completed May 2019


Edward has a large garden in Penwortham. Over the past few weeks we have been landscaping the back and front of the garden. This post covers the work done in the back garden. 

He wanted the area to work for his children and for family and friends. This meant having soft and hard areas, shady and light areas and safety as a priority. We have been putting our landscaping skills to the test to create a spectacular garden for him. 

This garden combines a more rustic style with grass and trees with a contemporary patio area. We really like the results

What we have done

  1. Dug out, levelled and prepared the area. To prepare the are for landscaping we removed trees, decking, rubble and more. This required tons of earth to be removed. 
  2. Installed a slatted wooden fence at the back (image 1). The fence was custom built on site and stained to the desired colour. 
  3. Large stone border(image 2). Using large rocks already in the the area we create a light natural looking border at the rear of the garden. All rocks were pressure washed to bring our their texture. 
  4.  Crazy paving (Image 3). An area in front of the house for bbqs and social events. 
  5. Indian stone paving (image 4). The area as the rear will have patio furniture on it for relaxing on good days. Indian stone give strength, looks and class for great price. We used our tested paving techniques to make sure the surface will stay solid for years. 
Dark stained lap panel fence

Image 1

Large rock edging

Image 2

Crazy paving

Image 3

Indian Stone paving in large garden in Penwortham, Preston

Image 4

A Place for life 

This garden was a large investment but one which will serve his family for years to come. The work we have done is built to last and will create various usable spaces which require little maintenance. Its a place to create memories and enjoy life. 

Next we will be installing a tarmac driveway at the front of the house. There was already a driveway in place but its extremely poor quality meant a life span of less than two years! Ours should last at least 20. 

Want to know more about our services? 

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