Dark porcelain paving and custom built fence. Landscaping, Penwortham

Work completed September 2019

Landscape gardening work in Penwortham. Dark porcelain paving with a white pabble border and a new wooden lap panel fence


Working for a young couple in Penwortham we have completed the bulk of a garden renovation which they will finish next year. This included work at the back and front of the house and will be finished off with artificial grass some time next year. 

close up shot of landscaping work in penwortham. Showing a dark porcelain paving are, white pebbles and a new wooden fence

Wooden fence

The fence around the perimeter was built on site to fit perfectly. It is anchored in with sturdy treated timber posts and then secured using timber beams and fence planks. 

This type of fence will usually last 10 years if treated at least every two.  

White gravel 

The white gravel around the border of the paving was chosen to create a stark contrast between the dark and light. This will set the tone for their garden furniture and future improvements. 

Dark porcelain paving with a border of white pebbles and a new wooden fence. This is some landscaping work we completed in September.

Garden clearance

The garden had dilapidated old fenced and lot of overgrown shrubbery which needed to be moved. Ian and the team chopped, hacked and hauled the rubbish out to make room for the new garden. 

Porcelain paving area 

The dark paving seen in the pictures in porcelain paving. It has a precis look to it and takes experience to lay as the margin for error is very small. When laid it will be as hard as stone or concrete and is highly wear resistant. Available in many colours, sizes and textures, porcelain paving is a popular choice. 

The grout or pointing between the slabs is a black compound which is almost a cross between tile grout and bathroom sealer. Its is bacteria and weather resistant and also available in a wide range of colours.  

Whats to come?

Their garden is well on its way to being something they can use for the next decade or so. They have upgraded it enough to be usable this year which is a surprisingly popular way to create a garden. 

Not everyone can afford to shell out the kind of money it may take to build a great garden all in one go. So why not consider a modular approach. How much do you need to start enjoying it? What could you do next time? How many phases might you need? 

Always here to help

Our project manager Ian has years of experience and is always willing to help you work out how to do the most with what you have got. Get in touch today if you want to discuss anything or have a look around our site for more information on services and projects we have done.