Landcape gardening Leyland

Work completed February 2019


We have just installed some amazing raised beds for a customer in Leyland. Jane is turning her garden into a lovely setting that she can use for her natural healing business. 

Jane has two reasons for getting raised sleeper garden beds built. 

  1. They bring the garden closer to you. By having plants and garden ornaments on different levels her garden landscape will give the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Even going as far as feeling secluded, despite being in a built up area. This will create the perfect environment for healing and relaxing. 
Wooden sleeper planters, landscaping job chorley

2. Improve drainage. Janes house and many others in here are are built of clay. Clay has very little drainage and can mean gardens get waterlogged and plants die. Using elevated beds with good soil will allow the beds to drain appropriate. The soil will absorb and slowly release water which will reduce pooling the the garden. 

What we did

  • carefully removed all off the plants and shrubs which Jane wants replanting. 
  • Built the raised beds. The raised garden beds are made from treated wooded sleepers. Sleepers are heavy duty wooden beams which are a sturdy building material and give your garden a square but stylish appearance. We use ground anchors and heavy duty wood screws to make sure they are strong and will last for years. 
  • Filled the raised beds with 6 tons of soil. We use high quality soil to fill the beds. This gives then a rich, dark appearance and a fertile place to grow a beautiful array of plants. 

this is the second time we have worked for Jane. We deliver high quality landscape gardening services at good prices. She knows Acorn Gardening as a company that can be relied on for landscape gardening work in Leyland. 

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