Landscape gardening Project Penwortham

“A case study of creating a simple but beautiful garden for Amy’s first house”

Work completed September 2019


Amy had bought her first house a few years ago. Shes has been gradually making into something to be proud of. She decided to get the garden done Landscaped by Acorn Gardening. It was lumpy, overgrown and looked a state before this. 

She wanted something simple, easy to manage and which fitted into her budget. You can see the final design in the pictures. 

What we have done

The back garden was full of weeds which would grow through the grass if not removed. To get rid of them we had to remove them and the top soil which contains their roots and spores. 

After removing 15 tons of soil we set to work on the decking and the flower beds. We use cemented sturdy wooden posts for work like this. This is a little more work than other traditional methods but guarantees a great finish and a long life span. 
When the flower beds were set in place and fixed level they were lined with plastic to prevent rot then filled with high quality top soil. The wooden beds will support small shrubs and plants. 
The next stage was turfing the central area. We use our unique technique to make sure the ground is perfectly flat before laying the turf on top. 

Simple is beautiful 

It doesn’t take the latest designs to create a lovely garden. Amy’s garden will be a great place to relax in for the next 5 years. There is room for flower or a vegetable patch, room to enjoy the sun and decking for BBQ’s or garden furniture. 

Building in stages is a great idea

If Amy did decide she wanted to do more with it, the hard work has already been done. It’s easy to add a patio area, water feature or pergola without disrupting anything else. Building in stages doesn’t have to leave you living in a building site. 

Done well, your garden can be beautiful at every stage of landscaping 

Newly laid lawn with wooden sleeper flower beds around the sides and a decking area in front of the back doors
Full view of a landscape gardening project in Penwortham by Acorn Gardening. You can see a square of wooden decking, some wooden sleeper flower beds and newly laid turf
Close up shot of new soft wood decking and a new wooden slatted fence
New landscape gardening work in Penwortham Preston. Showing soft wood decking area and a turfed lawn