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High quality local gardening services to keep your gardens luscious 

We are taking on new work all year!

Acorn Gardening is an all round gardening service which takes care of…

  • Grass cutting
  • Hedge cutting
  • lawn Care
  • Weeding
  • Patio power washing
  • Tree cutting
  • Seeding
  • Strimming

About our Gardening Service

Acorn Gardening is proud to offer an all round gardening service. We work with trained and experienced local Preston gardeners to make sure our service is top notch and comes at a good price. 

We take care of one off gardening work or regular maintenance which requires a personal gardener. As a growing company we are proud of our reputation, built on delivering a great local gardening service around Preston.

We also offer a full landscape gardening service 

How our service works

We are a little different to most gardeners in Preston. We use a combination of our own teams and trusted partners.

When you fill in the Gardening calculator above our office staff will see who is available locally and best suited to your type of work. They then contact you personally with an official quote and finalise the details.

How to hire our Preston gardeners

All you have to do is fill in our gardening calculator above and leave the rest to us. For most work you will get an instant estimate from the calculator its self. Our office staff will get in touch for an official quote. Then we finalise the small details and we are happy to start. It couldn’t be easier!


Payment is organised with your own personal gardener

When can we work?

Although demand is high for local gardeners in Preston in the summer months, we keep our capacity higher. Going with Acorn Gardening gives you the best chance of finding a gardener when everyone seems booked up.

What if i’m not happy with the quality?

We screen all of our Preston gardeners. If you aren’t happy with the quality all you have to do is get back in touch and we will find you someone else. 


Gardens require regular upkeep to look well maintained. This becomes more important in the summer months as the grass and shrubs start to grow at a faster rate.

The frequency of visits really depends on what needs doing and what standard it is kept to. Some of our customers like to keep everything looking freshly cut, this take weekly visits. Other just want to keep it under control which takes monthly visits.

Our most common arrangement is fortnightly. This keeps your garden looking pretty good and keeps the cost down. Overall we think fortnightly visits are best for most gardens.

Length of time per visit

Regular garden maintenance work is charged on an hourly basis. The length of time needed for a visit depends on the factors: 

  1. The size
  2. Your requirements 
  3. The budget 

We talk to you to discuss what you would like doing and how long each element would take. For example, we may say that the grass would take 45 minutes each visit, the hedge cutting would take 1 hour and clearing debris would take 15 minutes. This would mean that in a 2 hour visit we could get all this done.

Disposing of rubbish

Gardening, cutting grass, hedges, clearing leaves and pulling weeds all generate waste than needs disposed of. 

Most customers have their own arrangements for disposing of garden waste. We are happy to use your green bin, compost heap or anything else you use. If you would like us to dispose of the waste there will be a small fee to cover our costs.

Adding on extras

Its normal to have extra things you want doing in the garden from time to time. We are happy to accommodate most requests for extra gardening services.

If you would like us to do something which takes us over the agreed time we would need to charge accordingly. There is also no guarantee we will be available at the time you would like.

We use our initiative

Our customers don’t want to have to spell out every detail to us. We work to your specifications and always go above and beyond.

Cleaning up

We know how important your garden is to you. The last thing you want is a mess left over from the work. 

We have the tools and equipment to make sure your garden is spotless. We use petrol powered leaf blowers to get rid of leaves, branches and other debris. For more stubborn dirt we use hard brushes and jet washers.

Power and water supply

For the majority of Preston gardening service work we use petrol powered tools however some work requires water or electricity supply. If this is the case we will make arrangements with you beforehand. We have both hoses and extension cables so all we need is a plug or a hose.

Access to gardens

Many of our customers have gardens which can only be accessed through locked gates. We have separate arrangements with all our customers for this. Some give us a key, others make sure there is someone around to let us in. We are totally flexible and open to whatever arrangement will work for you when it comes to garden access.


We operate from smaller transit vans so parking is usually fine in most places. We make every effort not to block roads or obstruct neighbours driveways. Occasionally we will have no option but when this happens we always ask for permission.

If parking is going to be a problem or if parking in the obvious place would cause some issues please let us know. We are happy to move the van if asked.

Hours and man hours

Our quotes are based on man hours. If we do a 2 hour visit this could be 2 hours with 1 staff or 1 hour with 2 staff.

Preston Gardeners practical service Information

Grass Cutting

Our gardeners use high powered petrol lawn mowers which do a great job and leave your garden looking professionally cared for. 

The suction mowers tidy up grass, leaves and anything else as they go. The large collecting bags mean we can go for longer before we need to stop and empty out. 

Your gardener will set the stripe which will look more prominent as time goes by. 

Our gardeners use fast and efficient hedge cutters and our optical trimmer gets us up to 5 meters. We use a systematic technique to cut which means we never miss anything and never need to go over it again.

Our gardeners know how far back it is safe to cut a hedge. Its important to leave enough for the plant to photosynthesise. 

Hedge Cutting

Weeding and Weed Treatment

As part of our gardening service Preston we offer three types of weed treatment which work hand in hand to keep your garden weed free.

  1. Weed spraying is done with our ozone friendly air pressures spray canisters. We use approved safe chemicals to kill the weeds without killing anything else or leaving any poisons residue. The chemicals are sprayed onto the weeds and act fast to kill them right down to the roots.
  2. Removing weeds is done by hand. This is a labour intensive but immediate process using hand tools.
  3. Prevention of weeds uses our spraying devices and a scientific blend of chemicals holds some of the weed killer and release it over time. Where as normal weed killer will be washed away quickly and leave no trace, this chemical will stick around for a little longer to kill and weed seeds or spores. 

Together these three treatments keep your garden weed free all year round. A full weeding process begins with an initial spray to kill all of the weeds and their roots. Next we pull out the dead weeds by hand. Finally the area is sprayed on a monthly basis to keep the garden hostile to weeds.

Shrub Pruning

To keep shrubs and bushes looking healthy and staying where you want them to be they require frequent trimming. Putting in small but frequent work can have dramatic results in shaping growing these structural plants.

Our gardeners take great care to develop and maintain your garden to the highest standard. If you want a gardener who thinks to the future and shares your vision for a beautiful garden then look no further than Acorn Gardening.

Acorn gardening tree service includes pruning, topping and felling. We are not tree specialists however our professionals are skilled in pruning and cutting trees. If you want basic tree work doing we have everything from fine scissors to high powered chainsaws to get the job done.

Tree Cutting

Patio Power Washing

Over time slabs grow lichen, decking gets covered in algae and cracks get full of weeds and dirt. Light coloured materials can become stained with stubborn bacteria. Our local power washing service offers a fast, effective and environmentally friendly way to make your surfaces look new again. We have a high powered industrial strength power washer which can remove even the most stubborn dirt.

Gardening service areas

Acorn Gardening offers gardening services in Ashton, Bamber Bridge, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, Euxton, Fulwood, Grimsargh, Higher Walton, Hoghton, Howick Cross, Hutton, Lea, Leyland, Lostock Hall, Much Hoole, New Longton, Penwortham, Ribbleton, Riley Green, Samlesbury and Walton-le-Dale.

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