Garden Drainage Service, Preston

Discrete drainage solutions for most water logging problems 

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About our drainage service

Acorn Landscape Gardening offer garden drainage solutions in the Preston area. If you have a garden which is collecting surface water, a flooded driveway or planting beds which won’t drain, we can help.

Each garden drainage issue needs a tailored solution to fix it effectively and at minimal cost. We carry out a fast assessment and quote usually within a couple of working days.

All of our garden drainage solutions come with a guarantee so you can be sure that you are getting what you pay for.

If you want to know more about the garden drainage solutions available you can get in touch, use our garden drainage tool below or check out our guide to garden drainage systems.

Garden drainage solutions tool

Answer the questions to get personalised garden drainage solutions. We walk through the basics of each solution below. 

Explanations of drainage options

Here is a basic over view of the main components of garden drainage. We always recommend getting a professional assessment so you understand the causes of your garden drainage issues.

Drainage holes and drainage grids

When water is pooling on a non permeable surface the quickest solution can be drainage holes or drainage grids. 

Drainage holes can be drilled or cut to allow water through. 

Draiange grids can be combined with french drains to move water into storm drains or other areas. 

Elevated areas

One of the cheapest and simplest solutions can simply be to elevate the ground in the waterlogged are. This can work for small areas and areas which are wet because they are a low point. 

Most surfaces can be raised using soil or other permeable base materials which will allow water through. 

Drainage cube Soak away

A drainage cube soak away is just a slightly more effective version of a ditch. Essentially, a soak away involves digging a ditch which is then filled with hollow plastic drainage cubes. The drainage cubes are covered with a mesh which prevents sediment getting into them.

Soak away crates are completely hidden with the original surface being laid back on top. 

Drainage cube installation guide

Diagram of 2 drainage cubes underneath a lawn

French drain

A French drain works by creating a downhill channel which directs the water to another area. French drains can be used in conjunction with ditches or soakways. To build a French drain, a slanted trench must be built which will catch the water and guide it to another area.

The French drain will be filled with gravel and lined with permeable landscape fabric to prolong its lifespan. 

French drain under some grass, diagram

Pump solution

Some drainage solutions cant be solved with any of the other methods. For more tricky or severe issues a water pump can be installed. 

Drainage pumps need power and turn on automatically when the water reaches a certain level. Then redirect the water to a storm drain or other area. 

Ground water drainage pump and pump housing

Puddle pump

If you need an emergency drainage solution or just need it from time to time a puddle pump is an inexpensive way to move lots of water quickly.

Puddle pumps are small hand held pumps which you get out when its needed. They are by far the cheapest garden drainage option but very limited in what they can do. 

Image of puddle pump in pool of water on garden lawn


Q1: Will getting drainage installed mean i have to dig up the garden?

A1: It could do, it just depends how bad it really is. We always try to get the desired effect with the minimum disruption.

Q2: How much will it cost?

A2: This also depends on what you want/ need. The most costly part of drainage is usually the digging. Gardens which need large drainage or in areas which we cannot use excavators can be more costly. As a rough guide; for an 80 square meter garden with very poor drainage it cost £550 to get a large drainage ditch and some French drains installed.