Best 8 outdoor rugs and buyers guide

Black and white outdoor garden rug
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Outdoor rugs, and green walls have been popular in warmer climates for a long time and with the growth of outdoor living in the UK they are becoming popular here too.

Whether you have a balcony, sandstone patio, composite decking area or small garden that you want to zone off, an outdoor rug is an affordable decor update and a great way to create a focal point.

Outdoor rugs are often manufactured from durable weatherproof material. Outdoor rugs are great for defining a ‘living area’ in the garden.

This article looks at some of our top pics for outdoor rugs and follows with a buyers guide to help you decide which outdoor rug is right for you.

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Best 8 outdoor rugs

1.Florence Alfresco Padua Geometric Pattern Flatweave outdoor and indoor Rug

Size: 120 x 170cm

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Are you ready to take your outdoor living to the next level? Look no further, because this Florence Alfresco outdoor and indoor rug has everything you need. With traditional patterns and modern colours, the Florence Alfresco collection is durable and will stand out from any other outdoor furniture or décor in your home.

It can be used as a rug for living room, sofa area or even outside on patio. This flatweave polypropylene rug won’t just look good but it’s also weather resistant!

2.Sunbee Outdoor/Indoor Plastic Rug

Size: 122x183cm

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This Sunbee Outdoor/Indoor Plastic Rug is great for indoor and outdoor areas. Easy to clean, simple to fold and store. 4x6ft mats made with durable but soft plastic are perfect for kids rooms, deck or patio use- just roll it up when you don’t want it out! 

This rug is durable and intended to last years of wear from the tumbles of pet paws, dirt tracked by children’s feet, food spills near the kitchen table (or wine spilled on a picnic blanket), playing outdoors without worry about walkway scratches – this plastic rug won’t hurt grass or roughen your deck. 

3.Green Decore Reversible Outdoor/Indoor Recycled Plastic Rug

Size: 120x180cm

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This Green Decore reversible outdoor/indlite rug is a lightweight and versatile recycled plastic product. It’s so tough you can even have it outside in all types of weather! This rug will not fade or split, making it perfect for outdoor dining areas.

Cleaning this rug couldn’t be easier with just one quick swipe to brush away external dirt and debris. You could place it right on your porch without worrying that water from rain will stain it because this rug is UV protected too!

This recyclable product is also safe for kids and pets who may want to nap on it. With its qualities like these, as well as being environmentally sustainable its a great looking option for your outdoor space.

4.Garden mile® Large Al Fresco Area Rug

Size: 150×210

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Grown up rugs for when you need to let your hair down on a day off. Relax out in the backyard or anywhere else with these hardwearing, irresistible, 100% polypropylene rugs.

The Garden Mile® Large Al Fresco Area Rug has been designed by people who also care about design and are bang on trend with their choice of 3 different patterns that’ll be right at home in patios, terraces, balconies, halls or kitchens.

A bit of luxury is useful wherever it resides and this rug can do just that – not just perfect for picnics but camping trips as well! Now if only we could get all our furniture outdoors too…

5.Green Decore Reversible Outdoor/Indoor Recycled Plastic Rug

Size: 120x180cm

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The eco-friendly rug that please the planet AND your feet. Soft and comfortable underfoot, but hardy enough to last a lifetime – this lightweight, reversible outdoor/indoor rug is woven with straws made up of old plastic bottles and comes in tons of great colours!

Using an innovative design process to transform today’s junk into tomorrow’s jewels for all generations to enjoy.

6.Concus-T Bohemian Round Rugs

Size: 90cm

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Bohemian round carpets are exactly what you need to leave a lasting impression. Their original, boho-chic designs and bright colours will make guests wish they could carry them out the door with them.

This product is perfect for indoors or outdoors, so if your backyard furniture has seen better days then it’s time to upgrade! Bohemian round carpets are easy-to –store and portable, all thanks to its foldable properties that allow for convenient carrying anywhere in the house.

The last detail making this carpet irresistible is its machine wash ability; no one wants messy strands of fibre flying around their patio.

7.Mia´s Teppiche “Lara” In- & Outdoor Rug

Size: 80x200cm

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A rugged rug that is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, the Mia’s Teppiche “Lara” is made of a durable flat weave. Not only does it have a sturdy construction that will withstand wear and tear, but this rug also has an easy-to-clean surface with just soap and water – no vacuum required! It has a luxuriously soft feel that makes lounging on it so comfortable, you might never want to get up.

But don’t worry! This rug can stand up to even your most active companions and their furry friends. Seriously, give your furniture some breathing room or even put this rug over your floor heating for ultimate comfort.

8.Talking Tables 180 x 120cm Boho Woven Waterproof Outdoor Rug

Size: 180x120cm

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With this awesome outdoor rug, you can decorate your garden or patio in the latest trend colours without worrying about kids, pets and drink spills! Choose from a range of stylish patterns.

This fully waterproof outdoor rug is durable enough to withstand rough play by children and cats alike. Made from 100% polypropylene fibres, it can be used outdoors as an area rug for patios, decking – even on picnics!

It also works brilliantly indoors in kitchens too! its colourful pattern will add a pop of chic colour to any décor scheme.

Buyers guide


Out door rugs can either be made of synthetic or natural fibres. Synthetic rugs are made from a variety of plastics and acrylics – the best ones are weatherproof and durable, but they can look artificial. Natural fibres give you more choice when it comes to colour, texture, pattern and style because they’re not always manufactured in the same way. For example , jute rugs are handwoven and made from natural materials, while hemp rugs are usually machine-made. The eco-conscious might want to opt for a recyclable rug, such as one made of recycled plastic.


Outdoor rugs attract dirt and need to be cleaner regularly. Make sure that you purchase an outdoor rug which is washable.

We recommend that you consult the manufacturer’s instructions for care before choosing any outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs should be regularly cleaned to maintain their original appearance, and they should not be left dirty for a long time as this can cause them to get mildewed or damaged beyond repair.

Outdoor rugs are prone to damage from weather and heavy foot traffic. Cleaning them regularly can help eliminate such damage and prolong their life.

To clean them , use a mild soap solution and a garden hose. Don’t scrub too hard or you may damage the fibres of the outdoor rug.

In order to preserve your outdoor rugs, it is important that you treat them properly. To do this, avoid placing heavy objects on top of them or keeping them outdoors all year round. Instead, choose an outdoor rug that is specifically designed for outdoor use and place it in your patio areas or garden.

Where to put them

Outdoor rugs can make a fantastic addition and lift the appearance of a garden or outdoor space.

Centres of outdoor patios and decking areas are an excellent spot for outdoor rugs. They can create a focal point, particularly if they match up with the colours and textures of the outdoor space. It’s best to use one large rug in this area – a bigger rug will look more luxurious and is more economical than several small ones.

Durable and washable

Outdoor rugs will need to be able to handle the dirt and wear wherever they are, you may be tempted by cheap outdoor rugs but cheaper outdoor rugs are not made of weatherproof materials and they often deteriorate more quickly in sunny or damp climates.

You may save money on the initial purchase, but you’ll end up spending more in the long run. If you’re looking for an outdoor rug that will last for years, choose durable materials and one that can be easily washed.

Make sure the outdoor rug you purchase is made by a reputable manufacturer and not just some cheap outdoor rug found on auction websites

How much foot traffic?

Its often a trade-off between the rug you want and the rug you need. Its very important to consider how much foot traffic the outdoor rug will receive before you purchase it.

Final thoughts

This article has looked at eight of the best outdoor rugs on the market and provided some useful tips for buying your next outdoor rug. It also covered materials, care and where to place outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs can add a lot to a patio or garden, so think about what you want before you buy!

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