13 Quick and Easy DIY Garden Ideas

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If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your garden or add some new life, look no further. We’ve compiled 13 DIY ideas that are super quick and easy to implement.

You won’t find a full garden design guide but you should find a few ways to enhance your garden and have some fun doing it.

From adding a little colour with chalkboard pots, installing a bench on the lawn, or even building a play area for kids- there’s something for everyone!

Read on to find out more about these fun projects.

1. Concrete block raised bed

Brick raised bed

Raised garden beds are great for growing your own veggies, but they can be hard to make and expensive.

Using large concrete breeze blocks is a cheap and easy way to build your own raised bed without the need for digging holes in the ground or buying wood that needs years to rot away.

All you have to do is buy some concrete blocks, around 10 per square meter, place them where you want them and fill them with gravel or sand, then top with soil.

Their weight when filled will keep them in place as long as you don’t load up too much soil behind them.

This is a great way to raise your plants up off the ground and prevent them from getting stepped on or over!

2. Plant flowers in old cans and tins

This is a great way to save money on buying new pots or trays for flowers. You can plant any type of flower in these containers, as long as they are able to grow in the soil that it is planted in.

This is also a great project for kids-they’ll love making their own planter! So whether you’re looking for an economical decorating idea, or just want some help teaching your kids about gardening this summer, planting flowers in recycled containers is perfect!

3. Create hanging planters using metal wire and rope 

Hanging planters

When you live in a small house it can be hard to find space for plants. However, hanging planters are an excellent way to get your green fix without taking up valuable floor space!

Hanging planters require only basic materials that are easy (and cheap!) enough for anyone with minimal gardening experience to use.

4. Build a compost bin from an old wooden pallet 

Compost is not only a great way to save money, but it’s also a fantastic way to add nutrients back into your soil.

The good news is that compost bins are easy and come in all shapes and sizes-both big ones for gardens with lots of space as well as small ones for people who live in apartments or have small yards.

All you need to do is find an old wooden pallet (free from any shipping companies), drill some holes in the bottom, then spread out leaves or grass clippings on top before tucking them inside. Make sure there’s plenty of air circulation by leaving both ends open!

You can even use fruit scraps if you’re looking for something more heavy duty: just line the pallet with some old sheets or newspaper and then pile the fruit scraps on top.

Once you’re done, cover with more leaves so that it’s not easily visible to anyone who walks by.

5. Place an outdoor rug near your patio to make it more welcoming 

Outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are a great way to make your home seem a little more inviting and personalised. Blend the indoors and outdoors to create a seamless living space.

Tip: Place rugs near doorways so that when people walk through, it feels like they’re entering another space.

An outdoor rug is always useful for washing off dirt from shoes before walking inside, drying wet feet after coming back outside (especially if there are puddles!), as well as provide extra padding on the flooring underneath.

This not only makes your patio more comfortable but also benefits the whole house as more of the dirt is left outside than inside.

6. Planting vines on trellises or fences

If you have a fence or trellis adding vines to then can be an easy way to upgrade the garden without much effort. This is an easy way to decorate the empty spaces and give them some more life.

Trellises can also be used as plant holders by securing containers to them with wire hangers. This is a particular good idea if you are looking to make the most of a small garden.

Once the vine starts growing it will cover up any rusting metal giving it an earthy look!

Tip: Choose plants like morning glorys which grow quickly and don’t need much water because this means less maintenance for you!

Vines work well when grown on fences too–these may require additional tie-backs because if they’re left unconnected, wind gusts could knock over their fragile stems.

Fit small hooks to the fence and attach string or wire to them so the creeping vines have something to cling too.

7. Make a bird feeder and hang it from a tree branch

Bird feeder can be an easy project which kids and adults alike enjoy making – it’s a perfect DIY for Mother’s Day!

All you need is an empty container like a jar or plastic bottle, some peanut butter (or other bird seed), and some string.

Pour the seeds into the container until they’re about ¾ full then add the lid so all of the ingredients are sealed with out spilling out during transport.

Tie securely at both ends with string. Hang from tree branch by attaching wire hangers or kitchen twine on top of branches near where your feeder will hang and suspending them down over branch so there is no danger that animals can reach it.

And voila–you have made your very own DIY birdfeeder

8. Use old jars to create outdoor planters for flowers, herbs, and vegetables

A collection of jars, cans and other nice containers can be used to create outdoor planters.

Choose a variety of sizes and shapes, then clean them well before filling with soil for your plants or decorative items.

Consider painting these containers if you want to ensure they last longer outdoors, but be sure to seal pots first by applying an exterior-grade paint (such as latex) in two coats. Store the jars upside down until dry so that any excess paint doesn’t drip onto surfaces inside your home.

You can also use old cans and other metal containers such as soup tins as outdoor planters–just make sure they are washed thoroughly inside and out before using!

9. Create an herb garden with small pots on the windowsill of your kitchen 

Small herb garden

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs? But if you don’t have a garden at home, or simply want to keep your fresh herbs close by in the kitchen for convenience’s sake, consider an herb garden right on your windowsill.

You can buy small pots from any garden centre and choose only one type of herb per pot–rosemary with thyme would be ideal!

Fill each container with soil that has been mixed with some peat moss while still damp so it holds water well.

Water sparingly, just enough to ensure the soil stays moist but not wet all the time. As long as these plants are getting adequate light and proper care you will have unlimited fresh herbs!

10. Build raised beds out of wood pallets to grow more plants in less space

A garden is not just for growing vegetables and fruit. It can also be an opportunity to grow other plants such as herbs, flowers or even wheatgrass!

Plants that do well in raised beds are: tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and strawberries. Herbs like rosemary will also flourish but remember they require more water than most of the others mentioned here. Fruit trees are a must have if you want your kids to learn about nature while enjoying some healthy snacks too.

The best way to build these beds is by using wood pallets with holes cut out of them at different heights then filling in each hole with compost which provides valuable nutrients for the plant roots below it.

11. Install a rain barrel to collect water from your roof for watering plants

If you have a lot of plants you can do you part for the environment and your water bill by installing a rain barrel. This will collect the water from your roof and store it for you to use later on in watering your garden plants.

You need to have an empty storage container that can be accessed by gravity (like a drum) or with some other kind of pump mechanism. We recommend at least 200L capacity.

These are available from most garden centres at a good price and will just need some piping from the gutter to fill them.

Place it somewhere where they won’t get knocked over easily like low ground or underneath something heavy up high.

12. Put in some stepping stones 

Garden stepping stones made from rough slabs

If you have a lot of plants in your garden, it will start to get muddy and unhygienic. To make it easier for people to walk through without getting their feet wet or dirty – especially if there are children involved- put some stepping stones down.

These can be crafted out of almost anything that’s available around the home like bricks, stones or you can get some broken paving slabs from most suppliers who would just throw them out otherwise.

This DIY project is really easy but also does wonders for making the whole area look more inviting.

Stepping stones can be uses to give your garden some of the zen feel that a Japanese garden design can achieve.

13. Add some outdoor lighting to make it easier to see at night

Garden lighting

For those of us who enjoy being out in the garden at night, it can be tricky to see what you’re doing.

To make things easier, set up some outdoor lights that are either run on batteries or solar power and provide enough light so people don’t have to stumble about blindly.

Just remember that any type of bulb might attract bugs or other critters like bats – so ensure they’re not near plants or fruit trees!

Lighting can make your garden a delightful place to be in the evening if used to best effect. To have to largest impact, choose the most used and most beautiful areas of the garden.

Around seating areas festoon lights can be used to create a soft and romantic mood.

A well lit pathway is essential for safety, particularly at night when it’s so easy to lose your balance on uneven ground or stumble over unseen obstacles such as roots.

For those who prefer more subdued lighting, set up some small lights around plants under trees along with candles dotted about; this creates the feel of being deep in nature without blinding passers-by.

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