Deciding on the perfect boundary for your home: brick walls vs. fences

brick wall vs fence
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There are many factors to consider when deciding on the perfect boundary for your home. Do you want privacy? How much maintenance are you willing to do?

Here, we will compare brick walls and fences, in terms of cost, durability, and aesthetic appeal, to help you make the best decision for your home.

Brick walls

Relatively inexpensive

Brick walls are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are relatively inexpensive.

Depending on the type of brick and the size of the wall, a brick wall can cost anywhere from £8 to £40 per square foot depending on the layering and quality, plus installation fees if you don’t want to build it yourself. However fences are generally cheaper, with most costing onwards of £20 per panel.

High durability

Brick walls are also much more durable and stronger than fences.

They can last for decades with little to no maintenance, whereas fences need to be regularly replaced.

Additionally, brick walls can withstand severe weather conditions better than fences. If you live in a very windy area or frequently experience storms, a brick wall may be the better option for you.

Low maintenance

Brick walls require very little maintenance compared to wooden fences.

You may need to occasionally repoint the mortar or replace a few bricks, but generally, brick walls are low maintenance.

Wooden fences, on the other hand, need to be regularly stained or painted to prevent them from rotting.

Brick wall aesthetic

Brick walls have a classic and timeless look that can enhance the curb appeal of your home.

They are available in a variety of colors and styles to match any home.

You can also paint a brick wall to suit your style, however it is important to use the right type of paint and prep the surface properly beforehand.

Increased home value

In general, building a brick wall will increase the value of your home more than building a fence. This is because brick walls are seen as more durable and luxurious than fences.



Wooden fences are generally cheaper than brick walls.

Fences can be made of a variety of materials to suit your budget. For example, you could choose a cheaper wood like pine for your fence, or spend a bit more on a higher quality wood like cedar, or look at composite and metal options for higher durability.

As well as material the type of fence will affect the cost.

The cheapest fences are weave, picket and lap panel which can go for as little as £20 per board, more expensive options include close board, slatted and lattice fencing which are generally upwards of £35~50 per board.

Variety of styles

Fences also come in a variety of styles to match any home.

From traditional picket fences to modern metal fences, there is a fence style to suit every taste.

Fences can also be painted any color to match your home or landscaping.

Fences can be built to various heights and fence toppers can be installed to increase privacy and security.

Easier installation

Fences are usually easier to install than brick walls. This is because they can be built in sections and don’t require the same level of precision as brick walls.

Materials affect durability

Wooden fences are less durable than brick walls and will be damaged by strong wind and weather.

However if you are set on a fence, the most durable type for strong wind is a metal fence.

Metal fences can withstand high winds better than any other material, however there are also some good, strong composite materials on the market nowadays as well as some reinforced wooden fence options that are stronger and more durable than wooden fences.

Require more maintenance than walls

A wooden fence will need to be regularly stained or painted to prevent it from rotting and turning green. Additionally, the posts may needs to be replaced every few years.

Consider your needs and make the best decision for your home

If you’re looking for a cheap option, then a wooden fence is probably your best bet. However if you want a durable boundary that will last for decades, then a brick wall is a better option. You might also like to think about hedges, which have a more aesthetic appeal.

Think about how durable your boundary needs to be too if you need a boundary that can withstand high winds, then a brick wall or more expensive metal fence may be your best choice.

But if you are looking for something more decorative and don’t need to think about the weather too much, look at the options for fences to see which might suit your desired aesthetic.

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