Cedar wood fencing, Preston, PR1

"Getting privacy and style with high quality cedar wood fencing"

Robert and Joanne had put up with a partial fence for 12 years at their house in Preston. The rear of the garden was exposed to the neighbours and the front fence was looking tired and old. 

Before pictures

As a couple they are proud of their garden and like to enjoy it. They  wanted a new fence which would give them the privacy they need, would look great and would last 10 years or more. 

Their choice was to go for cedar wood weaved panels which look classy but are hard to get hold of. We thought this was a great choice for their needs and called our suppliers to order some in the specific style they wanted. 

What did we do?

  • Free consultation. Ian went to visit Robert and Joanne at a time that worked for them. They discussed what was needed and then Ian got back to her with a quote.
  • Removing the old fence and posts. The old fence was dilapidated and the posts had come loose. We removed the fences, posts and concrete to make way for the new fence. 
  • Cementing the new posts. We dug 2ft holes  to make a secure foundation for the new, reinforced concrete posts. They were then cemented in with premium cement mix. 
  • Sourcing the new weaved cedar wood panels. Rarer fence panels made from more expensive wood are not always stocked by traditional builders merchants. We quickly searched around our trusted list of suppliers to find someone who could supply them fast at a good price. 
  • Disposing of the waste. We always include disposal of the waste in the quote. leaving everything clean and ready to use. 

Delighted with their new fence

Robert and Joanne are delighted with their new fence. It means they can enjoy privacy and the classy feel added by the cedar wood panels. 

After pictures

Cedar wood fence installed in back garden, Penwortham
Weaved cedar wood fence installed in back garden in Penwortham Preston

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