New tarmac driveway, Penwortham

Work completed May 2019


Mike and his family have moved into a lovely new house in Penwortham. They had a large but unusable front and back garden. 

As part of a full landscape renovation project we laid a new tarmac driveway with a nice grass area in the the middle. 

The tarmac is laid on a compacted hardcore base which will give it solid support and prolong its life. 

The edging blocks between the grass and the tarmac driveway are colour concrete. They act as a nice feature and as a supporting structure for the softer tarmac. 

Quality work that will last for years

The previous owners had hired cheap contractors who didn’t prepare the ground properly. This meant the tarmac decayed severely after less than 2 years. 

Considering this probably cost them 20% less but would need replacing 7 times in the lifespan of a well laid tarmac driveway, it goes without saying that cheap isn’t always better in this instance. 

We always guarantee quality and use the most roust construction methods to ensure you get the maximum life out of your new driveway. 

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Large tarmac horseshoe driveway in Penwortham