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About our Resin Driveways Service

Resin driveways can create a beautiful and practical addition to your property. Acorn Gardening are one of the go to installers for Preston resin driveways.

We can advise you on the colours, patterns and styles available that will work with your property. Our resin bound driveways last for years, need very little maintenance and are highly resistant to damage. They can be the ideal addition to your property.

Almost any surface can be made from resin bound stones including:

  • Resin bound driveways 
  • Resin bound paths 
  • Resin bound patios 

Our staff are committed to high standards and always deliver great quality results. If you are worried about being let down, don’t, you are in safe hands with us. We work with our you to make sure all the details are just as you want them.

We guarantee our resin bound driveways and promise to sort out any problems which arise after the work is done. If you are ready to take the next step and hire a quality company to install your driveway, get in touch today.

Resin driveways Preston booking process

  1. Get in touch via our contact form, by phone or email. We will ask a few questions about the work you are after and get back. Then we send you back an estimate of what the resin bound driveway would cost. It will look something like this “we estimate for the work you have specified the cost would be between £xxxx and £xxxx”.
  2. One of our friendly staff will come to take a look at the area, talk through the requirements and give you an accurate quote in writing. We also work out when the work can be done and how long it will take.
  3. If you are happy with the arrangements, all you have to do is agree and your new Preston resin drive way will be installed. 


Acorn Gardening are one of the few Preston resin driveway installers  who accept all payment methods. We take card, credit card, cash, bank transfer or cheque. You are free to choose the method that work for you.  


We typically ask for a fully refundable 10% deposit 7 days before the work starts.  We agree a payment plan with our customers for the outstanding amount.

How soon can the work be done?

We always try to complete work for our customers as soon as possible after booking. However, as a reputable landscape gardening company we often find ourselves fully booked for 3 months or more.

The demand for our work increases from January, all the way through to September. With more than 10 times time demand in the summer months. To be fair to our customers, we have to work on a first come first served basis.

To avoid disappointment we advise booking your resin bound driveway as soon as possible


How long does it take to lay a resin bound driveway?

The length of time it takes depends on the size of the driveway. A driveway which would fit three cars on it end to end would take 3 days to complete assuming a moderate amount of preparation.

Laying resin bound is always done in stages with the preparation being done first, the hardcore and edging done next and the resin bound being last. The first two stages can be done with any number of people but the final stage is usually best with a maximum of 3. This limits the speed with which it can be completed.

Compared to other driveway surfaces, resin bound is relatively quick to lay.


How long until i can walk on a resin bound driveway?

Resin sets fast but to avoid any deformation we recommend waiting 24 hours until you set foot on it.


How do i know it will be good quality?

There are a lot of cowboys out there and we often end up being called in to clean up their mess. We can assure you that you are in safe hands with Acorn Gardening and here’s why:

We are an ambitious company which depends on word of mouth to grow. We put customer satisfaction as a top priority and will go out of our way to make sure that you are happy.

We have the skills. Our project manager Ian is an engineer, joiner and gardener. When it comes to building things outside he really knows his stuff. He meticulously plans every job to make sure no details are left out. He loves all things do do with design and building and bores the socks off the rest of the team with his enthusiasm for materials and construction. However when it comes to installing resin bound he’s the kind of guy you want.

We guarantee our work. We always come to check our work a few weeks after it has been installed. If there is anything wrong with your resin bound driveway we will come back and fix it free of charge.

Why Choose us?

Reliable and Professional

Acorn Gardening is one of the best Preston resin bound driveway companies. We take our work seriously and have a record of 100% customer satisfaction. We are usually chosen over the competition due to our friendly approach and professionalism.

An all in one service

We are skilled in installing resin driveways but this is only part of what’s on offer. We build gardens from start to finish so you won’t have to mess around with multiple contractors. We can do most work in-house, if you want to see our other service get in touch or visit our landscape gardening page.

Save money

We work with large suppliers and get bulk discounts which we pass on to our customers. On top of that it is our mission to find the cheapest ways to achieve high quality work so we a constantly refining what we do and becoming more efficient. This lets us give you some of the best value for money resin bound driveways in Preston.

Resin driveways guide

Permeable resin bound driveways (sometimes called resin bonded driveways) have become more popular in the last few years. Resin bound driveways create the effect of fine gravel but are a completely bonded unit. They allow water to penetrate easily but can support themselves with ease.

Long resin driveway in alley between houses

6 Reasons you should consider a resin bound driveway

1.It looks great

With a choice of different colours and textures available, resin bound driveways can be a wonderful addition to most contemporary housing.

2.Its durable

Bonded resin is highly resistant to weather and to wear and tear. It won’t fade in the sun of be damaged by frost in the winter.

3.Long life

When laid properly by a trusted resin bound installer, a driveway can have a lifespan of over 35 years. This puts in up there with far more expensive surfaces like granite.

4. Its easy to maintain

With a solid base of compacted hardcore and a weed membrane, there is no chance of even the strongest weeds getting through. If it gets dirty all that is needed is a wash down with a hose. Resin bound pebbles are one of the easiest driveway surfaces to maintain.

5.Highly permeable and good for drainage

Allowing water to easily soak through into the base layers below makes resin bound driveways a great option. They will not gather water apart from in extreme cases and whats more you will not need planning permission as they keep run off to a minimum.

6.  It keeps its cool

Unlike asphalt and other dark surfaces, resin bound stones don’t retain excessive amounts of heat. This is both good for the environment and for your feet on hot summers days.

How to prepare the ground for your resin driveway

It is important to make sure your new driveway is build on the right stuff. If you ignore this step or find a contractor who will just do anything to give you a low price you may suffer in the long run. The wrong base can cause a few problems including breaking the law, deforming your driveway and causing large puddles to form.

The base of most driveways needs to be solid but permeable. So laying it on top of old paving or a concrete base is out of the question. If this is what’s already there then you many need to have it removed before hand.

Most contractors will choose a base of compacted hardcore which will allow good drainage and ample support for the surface. It also wont move over time. This should be atleast 10 cm thick to work well.


We are a trusted Preston resin bound driveway installer. If you would like a free quote or to discuss your requirements please get in touch. 

Acorn Gardening install all types of driveway including tarmac, block paving, concrete, stone paving and gravel. Visit our driveways page for more information. 

Resin bound driveways service areas

Acorn Gardening install resin bound driveways in Ashton, Bamber Bridge, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, Euxton, Fulwood, Grimsargh, Higher Walton, Hoghton, Howick Cross, Hutton, Lea, Leyland, Lostock Hall, Much Hoole, New Longton, Penwortham, Ribbleton, Riley Green, Samlesbury and Walton-le-Dale.

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