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How to improve garden drainage

Use our free online tool to work out what options are available to you

Waterlogged gardens are a common issue, sitting water can spoil your garden and cause lasting damage to plants, grass and garden surfaces. 

It can be difficult to know what options are available for fixing garden drainage issues so we have created a handy tool to help you work out what solutions are best. 

See our helpful guide for a walkthrough of the most common garden drainage systems. 

What type of drainage do you need? 

Installing drainage is usually a labour intensive process which can be destructive and in some cases quite expensive. To minimise the cost and effort it’s a good idea to understand why your garden has poor drainage before you decide on a solution.  

Here is a handy tool which will make suggestions based on some basic information about your garden drainage issue. We also include links to articles which will show you how to implement each type of drainage solution. 

It is always recommended to consult a drainage  professional and do proper research before carrying out any drainage installation.


Drainage calculator tool

Answer each question and find the recommended solutions below

If no suggested solutions would work, there may still be hope. Contact a professional or if you are in the Preston area get in touch too see what other options are open to you. 

Answer yes if it is the surface its self which prevents water draining e.g. concrete with no drainage holes
Make sure to read up on the regulations around redirecting surface water

Suggested solutions

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