6 Good reasons why homeowners are installing composite decking in the UK

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Homeowners and building experts alike have praised composite decking for its great quality. Here are some reasons why homeowners are installing composite decking boards in their outdoor space.


Unlike traditional decking, composite decking is resistant to slips and free of splinters. Because of the deck’s unique fittings, no screws or bolts are required, making it fully barefoot friendly.

Low Maintenance

Because composite decking is made out of scrap wood, cellulose fibre, and plastic materials, you only have to clean it occasionally.   There is no need to repaint, apply sealant, or treat it, and it’s inexpensive and simple to maintain.


Traditional decking can be just as elegant, but it is prone to adverse deterioration due to weather or climatic conditions. The timber decking can fade and distort when exposed to heavy rain and scorching heat. On the other hand, composites are low maintenance because they are mould resistant and won’t splinter, split, or decay, making them ideal for environmental impacts and long-term use. They will not fracture or degrade when exposed to the sun because of their UV protection.

Timber decking boards typically last for 15-20 years, whereas composite decking boards are estimated to last up to 25-30 years. This, however, depends on the manufacturing process, maintenance and the materials used, and location.

Aesthetic Appeal

The deck has a clean and elegant surface thanks to the absence of nails and screws, giving it a beautiful and functional appearance. Composite decking not only looks great, but it may also mimic the appearance of timber wood or tropical hardwood. It also comes in various colours to compliment your home’s exterior and complement a range of architectural designs.


In most circumstances, the upfront costs of wood are cheaper than that of composite. But when you consider the cost of regular upkeep of a wood decking board, including painting, treatment and sealing every few years, composite decking wins. It can also significantly increase the value of a home, which makes it a fantastic investment.


For the sake of the safety of our environment, trying to keep plastic out of landfills and out of the world’s seas and oceans must become the highest concern. However, the plastic must be disposed of.

It can also be used in a wide range of environmentally friendly ways. Recycling plastic is an important start toward sustainable living on the planet, but it is only the beginning.

Plastic can only be down-cycled in standard recycling. To look at it another way, you can’t recycle a plastic cup into another plastic cup. Plastic bottles are usually recycled into plastic shopping bags, which is the final step.

That was the case until composite decking arrived, giving plastics a significant role in green living. Wood and plastic are combined to make composite decking.

Composite decking is an excellent alternative for ecologically conscious homeowners because the manufacturing process and supply chain of wood decking can cause serious harm to the environment.

About Composite Decking

Composite decking was originally launched in the market in the early nineties and has since risen in popularity as newer versions are introduced.

They are made from a blend of recycled materials, including plastic materials, wood scraps and fibres. Colours, UV filters, and borate preservatives are blended in equal quantities with wood fibre and plastics. They are frequently heated and extruded after that. If any texture is added, it is imprinted onto the warm surface before it starts to cool.

Many composite decking boards are created from waste products like wood shavings, discarded plastic water jugs, and grocery bags – all of which would otherwise wind up in landfills.

We feel composite decking is such a diversified product because they mix the natural beauty of wood with the strength and resilience of an engineered composite.


We believe composite decking will provide you with the flexibility you need to create an appearance that fits your lifestyle.

We’ve outlined the advantages of composite decking for you below:

  • Composite decking is eco-friendly and made mostly from recycled materials.
  • No need for staining or painting.
  • Low Maintenance – Only requires minor cleaning to keep it in good shape.
  • Composite Decking is extremely durable and will not warp or decay.
  • UV Certified to withstand adverse climatic conditions.
  • Suitable for barefoot —
  • Easy installation.

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