Artificial grass and porcelain paving

Landscaping work in Bamber bridge, Preston. light grey porcelain paving surrounding a rectangle of artificial grass

Low maintenance play area for dogs Work completed March 2020 About As a frequent dog sitter for the local dog shelter, Bill needed a suitable area for them to play without getting covered in mud. His garden was previously overgrown and unused.  He opted for high quality porcelain paving surrounding a large artificial grass area. […]

Creating visual screen using trellis fencing

Fine mesh trellis fencing

Creating a visual screen using trellis fencing These customers wanted something to hide the bin area in their back garden. They opted to go with a closely woven trellis fencing screen. Fast and easy to install, a trellis fencing screen is an ideal solution for hiding the less pleasing areas of your garden.  Trellis fencing […]

Timeless sandstone front and back garden

Low maintenance front landscape garden

Timeless sandstone front and back design Work completed January 2020 About Looking to have a garden they could enjoy for the next 10 years, these customers opted for a soft rustic sandstone style. This low maintenance style offers superb lifespan, durability and value for money.   The front We installed some great quality autumn sandstone which […]

Landscape gardening case study, Penwortham

Grey composite decking and grey fence. Landscape gardening Preston

New look modern garden, Penwortham Work completed January 2020 About Typical of most new builds this back garden wasn’t much. There was uneven patchy grass and not much else. Acorn landscape gardening help them to create a lovely garden for the family this summer. They chose a modern clean look with hard-wearing long-life new materials. […]

Basics done well – Landscaping Penwortham, Oct 2019

Photo board of basic landscaping work in Penwortham

Basics done well About Margaret’s back garden was boggy, shapeless and unused. After years of neglect the garden needed renovation. She wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors.  Here’s a little walk though of what we did Drainage The are was severely waterlogged. In one corner there was a puddle 1.5 meters across and […]

Landscape gardening Buckshaw Village

Collage of shots from a Landscape gardening project in Buckshaw village.

Landscape gardening Buckshaw Village About Jenny and Ian like to use the garden but they don’t like to look after it. They opted for a no maintenance design which you can see below. This makes it easy to take advantage of the sporadic sunny days we get without having to fight the weeds and tend […]

Landscape gardening Penwortham

close up shot of landscaping work in penwortham. Showing a dark porcelain paving are, white pebbles and a new wooden fence

Dark porcelain paving and custom built fence. Landscaping, Penwortham Work completed September 2019 About Working for a young couple in Penwortham we have completed the bulk of a garden renovation which they will finish next year. This included work at the back and front of the house and will be finished off with artificial grass […]

Back garden landscaping work with decking in Penwortham, Preston

New landscape gardening work in Penwortham Preston. Showing soft wood decking area and a turfed lawn

Landscape gardening Project Penwortham “A case study of creating a simple but beautiful garden for Amy’s first house” Work completed September 2019 About Amy had bought her first house a few years ago. Shes has been gradually making into something to be proud of. She decided to get the garden done Landscaped by Acorn Gardening. […]

Landscaping work Fullwood

New landscape gardening work in Fullwood, Preston. A fenced garden with hanging chairs, decking, artificial grass and paving

Modern landscape gardening work, Fullwood Preston Landscaping work completed September 2019 About In need of a makeover for years, this garden went from a depressing patch of lumpy grass to a stunning modern garden in just a few days.  The landscape gardening was carried out by Ian and the team from Acorn Gardening. Now they […]