Selecting the Right Drainage System for Artificial Grass

Flooded lawn

If you have artificial grass in your garden, then you will need to make sure that the drainage system is up to snuff. The right type of drainage system can affect how well your lawn holds up over time. This article will discuss what types of systems exist and which one would be best for […]

Best puddle pumps: Drain your garden fast

Puddle pump draining a puddle

Jump to section Puddle pumps can be a fast solution to garden drainage issues and other general flooding. They can move hundreds of litres of water very quickly so they are great in some situations. As garden drainage experts we have found them to be a cheap and quick solution to some garden drainage issues. […]

Why your garden floods and how to fix it

Why your garden floods & What to do about it

Garden flooding is commonly caused by poor soil conditions, low points, building in the local area and increased rainfall. Sadly there usually isn’t a cheap way to stop garden flooding. A French drain and pump solution is usually most effective and costs between £1500 and £3000.  That being said, there are multiple potential solutions to […]

Garden drainage systems: keep your garden puddle free

French drain and soakaway crate garden drainage system

How to keep your garden puddle free all year round Garden drainage is a growing issue in the UK as more and more houses are built on clay soil with no consideration for water run off. With the recent years bringing storms, any areas which were going to flood have done so much to the […]

How to improve garden drainage

French drain installation

How to improve garden drainage Use our free online tool to work out what options are available to you Waterlogged gardens are a common issue, sitting water can spoil your garden and cause lasting damage to plants, grass and garden surfaces.  It can be difficult to know what options are available for fixing garden drainage […]

Basics done well – Landscaping Penwortham, Oct 2019

Photo board of basic landscaping work in Penwortham

Basics done well About Margaret’s back garden was boggy, shapeless and unused. After years of neglect the garden needed renovation. She wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors.  Here’s a little walk though of what we did Drainage The are was severely waterlogged. In one corner there was a puddle 1.5 meters across and […]

Paving and drainage project, Leyland

New paving project in Leyland, completed May 2019

Paving and drainage project, Leyland Work completed May 2019 About Emma’s mum had recently moved into her house. With summer coming they wanted to be able to enjoy the garden. It wasn’t a bad garden but it was overgrown, had no area for furniture and tended to get waterlogged. Emma came to us to ask […]