Capped vs Uncapped Composite Decking: Fading, Staining and Mould

Capped Vs uncapped composite decking

Composite decking is in this year, and for good reason. Composite decking is strong, low-maintenance and eco-friendly. It usually comes in more expensive than traditional wooden decking but the much higher lifespan offsets the cost over the years. find out more about the general benefits of composite decking There is a large and growing variety […]

How to Clean Composite Decking: Guide on Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean composite decking

Composite decking is a great choice for your outdoor space. It doesn’t require any painting or staining and weed growth will be minimal due to its elevation above ground level, unlike timber decking which needs constant maintenance and treatment. That being said, they still need occasional cleaning and sometimes get stained with food. oil or […]

The best 4 composite decking clips: A comparison

The composite decking clips market is large, and it can be difficult to find the best option. You may end up buying a clip that doesn’t work for your project, or you might be confused about what kind of clip you need. This article will compare 4 of the best composite decking clips and fixing […]

6 reasons you should opt for composite decking

Black composite decking

Do you want a deck that will last for decades? Do you want to have a deck that is low maintenance and requires little or no care? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly option? If so, then composite decking may be the perfect solution. With the increase in popularity of outdoor living, more and […]

How to build decking in 5 easy steps

Render of composite decking with garden furniture on a sunny day

Decking is growing in popularity thanks to new materials which make it last longer and give more colour options. Decking is now a viable long term alternative to a patio. We install composite decking on a weekly basis in the northwest and thought we would write a guide based on what we have learnt over […]

Decking vs patio: 4 important lessons from a professional landscaper

Decking vs patio

For anyone looking to upgrade their garden, somewhere to sit and bask in the sun is a must. But often we only have space for either a patio or decking, not both.  So which one is better and how do we decide? The quick answer: Patios take the gold medal Each has its strengths but overall we […]

Laying decking on soil: 4 easy steps

Wooden decking laid on soil/grass area

This article walks you though the basics of laying decking on soil. Laying decking on soil can be a fast way to get your decking up without some of the hassle of installing it normally. Using examples and diagrams, this article will walk through the steps to effectively lay decking on a soil base.  The steps to […]

How to lay decking on uneven ground

Grey composite, ground level decking

As landscapers we install decking on all types of ground including uneven ground. Different methods are available depending on what you mean by uneven. If you are working on a slope then cemented in support posts would be best. If you are working on generally uneven ground you can opt to level the ground or to work from support […]

Landscape gardening case study, Penwortham

Grey composite decking and grey fence. Landscape gardening Preston

New look modern garden, Penwortham Work completed January 2020 About Typical of most new builds this back garden wasn’t much. There was uneven patchy grass and not much else. Acorn landscape gardening help them to create a lovely garden for the family this summer. They chose a modern clean look with hard-wearing long-life new materials. […]

Back garden landscaping work with decking in Penwortham, Preston

New landscape gardening work in Penwortham Preston. Showing soft wood decking area and a turfed lawn

Landscape gardening Project Penwortham “A case study of creating a simple but beautiful garden for Amy’s first house” Work completed September 2019 About Amy had bought her first house a few years ago. Shes has been gradually making into something to be proud of. She decided to get the garden done Landscaped by Acorn Gardening. […]