6 Best types of edging for artificial grass

Close up shot of some landscaping work in Buckshaw village. The photo includes artificial grass, wooden sleepers, gravel and fencing

Artificial grass is in this year and for good reason. Its low maintenance, looks great and can last for years. But to make sure it’s the lush green lawn you want and not an irritating series of issues your artificial grass needs to be installed right and properly cared for.  Proper installation always includes good solid […]

5 Artificial grass care essentials

5 Essentials for artificial grass care

Making the switch over to artificial grass means no more mowing,  no more mud and a green lawn all year round. But sadly there is still some maintenance to do if you want to keep your artificial grass plush and lovely. The good news is looking after your artificial grass is very easy. With the […]

How long does fake grass last?

How long does fake grass last?

Artificial grass can be a significant investment so it’s a great idea to workout how long it lasts and what makes the difference. The type of artificial grass we use now is vastly different to what was available 5 years ago.  Artificial turf seems to have improved in quality but the lifespan has not been tested […]

Artificial grass and porcelain paving

Landscaping work in Bamber bridge, Preston. light grey porcelain paving surrounding a rectangle of artificial grass

Low maintenance play area for dogs Work completed March 2020 About As a frequent dog sitter for the local dog shelter, Bill needed a suitable area for them to play without getting covered in mud. His garden was previously overgrown and unused.  He opted for high quality porcelain paving surrounding a large artificial grass area. […]

Landscape gardening Buckshaw Village

Collage of shots from a Landscape gardening project in Buckshaw village.

Landscape gardening Buckshaw Village About Jenny and Ian like to use the garden but they don’t like to look after it. They opted for a no maintenance design which you can see below. This makes it easy to take advantage of the sporadic sunny days we get without having to fight the weeds and tend […]

Landscaping work Fullwood

New landscape gardening work in Fullwood, Preston. A fenced garden with hanging chairs, decking, artificial grass and paving

Modern landscape gardening work, Fullwood Preston Landscaping work completed September 2019 About In need of a makeover for years, this garden went from a depressing patch of lumpy grass to a stunning modern garden in just a few days.  The landscape gardening was carried out by Ian and the team from Acorn Gardening. Now they […]

How to lay artificial grass on concrete (4 easy steps)

Close us shot of artificial grass

Artificial grass can be an easy way to turn a concrete area into a vibrant, green space. But it needs to be done right or it will be a lumpy, waterlogged disaster.

This article shows you how to lay artificial grass on concrete in 4 easy steps.

Best artificial grass for dogs. 5 facts that make the difference

Cute dog sitting on grass

Most people who have a dog have discovered that dogs and real grass don’t go well together. Muddy paw prints in the house, yellow urine circles in the grass and ripped up patches are the hallmarks of a dog-grass combo.  Despite this, dogs needs somewhere to play and a place to do their business which […]

Artificial grass, pros and cons

Artificial grass vs real grass

Artificial grass is in this year, but is it right for you? It offers a perfect look but drainage could be an issue. It can handle sports but not all furniture.