How to restore and preserve artificial grass. Get the longest life span from your grass.
Artificial grass and block stone edging
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Most new artificial grass will have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years and wont noticeably fade in this time.

Artificial grass fading is a common issue. Especially with older types of artificial grass which are made from poor quality materials with little UV resistance. 

Unfortunately there is no way to reverse fading in artificial grass.

This is because the colour change is due to deterioration and damage caused by weathering and other factors. Some suggest using high quality spray paint to fix faded artificial grass. This will make it green again but it is only superficial and will rub off under even light use. 

If your artificial grass is already faded, you may have to accept that it’s time to replace it. If its just a small patch which has faded you may be able to patch it up using off cuts and some artificial grass adhesive.

However if it has just begun to fade there are things you can do to prolong its life. 

How to preserve your artificial grass

Keep it free from debris and pet waste

Depending on where your artificial grass is near, it is likely to gather debris such as leaves, sticks or mud on the surface. Modern artificial grass is generally resistant to damage from debris but it can still shorten its lifespan significantly if left for too long. 

Clean up spills quickly

Spillages of food, oil or other common items can be unavoidable if you use your artificial grass frequently.

It’s important to clean up anything which could set or could damage the grass as quickly as possible. 

Things like soap and water will not damage artificial grass but some stronger cleaners such as bleach can react with certain types of artificial grass. Check online before using something which could cause irreparable damage to your lawn. 

Wash it every now and again

As with all areas, dirt, algae and other things build up over time. Whilst this is unlikely to cause damage it is still good practice to clean your artificial grass with one per year. 

There are some great products for cleaning artificial grass which will help extend its life for as long as

Thinking of buying artificial grass? Take a look at our artificial grass page for information on the types available. 

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