Best artificial grass for dogs. 5 facts that make the difference

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Most people who have a dog have discovered that dogs and real grass don’t go well together. Muddy paw prints in the house, yellow urine circles in the grass and ripped up patches are the hallmarks of a dog-grass combo. 

Despite this, dogs needs somewhere to play and a place to do their business which isn’t behind the couch. People around Preston have been installing artificial grass in their gardens as a solution to this problem.

Artificial grass is an ideal surface for dogs and their owners. But all artificial grass is not made equal when it comes to suitability for dogs.

Below we will go through our recommendations for the ideal type of artificial grass to get for your dog. 

Best pile height

Choosing the right pile height is a trade off between comfort and easy to clean. Dogs like the soft feel of grass under their feet as much as we do. Taller pike height can increase the real feel and softness of the artificial grass. If it feels better the dog will be more inclined to walk on it and use it.

It’s pretty likely that your dog will choose a favorite few spots on your new artificial lawn to do its business. Higher pile means more fibres for the unspeakable to get stuck to… and more work to get it off.

Even short pile grass will start to smell after a while so whatever type you go for be sure to use a proper artificial grass cleaner for dogs.

Our advice: Get a fairly short pile height to avoid clumps of mess that need hand cleaning. 20mm – 30mm max

Best pile density

Pile density isn’t a huge consideration unless you have a very large dog. Pile density provides cushion and durability against foot traffic.

Dogs don’t tend not leave a large amount of wear and tear on artificial grass but they do like to have some cushion. We recommend at least 15,000 stitches per square meter.

Anything over this is just down to personal preference and will have little impact on the durability.

Our advice: pile density isn’t a big deal for dogs. Get something good enough but not over the top.

Best material

When it comes to choosing the correct material the considerations for pets are the same as they would be for children. Check out our the artificial grass types guide above to get a good idea of the type you should go for.

Foam underlay

Foam underlay underneath your artificial grass can be great for kids but is a bad idea for dogs. The soft surface it creates can make a hard surface into a cushioned one which is a pleasure to stand on. However it will also absorb urine which can start to smell bad.

We were recently called in to sort out some artificial grass in Preston which had started to smell awful after being used by a dog.

Our advice: foam underlay is a bad idea for dogs

Installing pet friendly artificial grass

Laying hardcore for artificial grass in Preston

The process of installation will be exactly the same as with any other type of artificial grass. However there is one point which has to be emphasised for pets: Drainage

Because there will be bad smelling substances on the artificial lawn it is very important that they can be washed away when it rains.

If you are installing the grass on a surface with poor drainage such as concrete it is advisable to modify the surface with drainage holes. 

Ideally your pet friendly artificial grass should be laid on a base of hardcore and sharp sand. This gives excellent drainage which will keep the bad smells away.

Maintaining your dog friendly artificial grass

Artificial grass is a low maintenance surface but it still needs some attention, especially when you have pets. 

Regular cleaning to recommended to keep the nasty odours away. 


Artificial grass is a great choice for your dog. It is durable, low maintenance and will look good for years. You main concerns are primarily do do with keeping the odours away. Get short pile grass with good drainage and make sure it is washed every few months.

And that’s all there is to it. As long as you go for a reputable brand there will be no problems. You will have a lovely artificial lawn for your dog to enjoy for the coming years.

Acorn Gardening are experts at artificial grass installation in Preston. If you are thinking of upgrading to artificial grass get in touch for a free consultation.

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