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About us

Passion, Expertise, and Dedication to Delivering Exceptional Garden Design and Landscaping Services

Acorn Landscape Gardening was Started by Ian and his brother David.

The company now has 6 full time staff and continues to grow through high quality work. 

We are a truly local company, employing and training local people for careers in landscape gardening. 


Our vision is to reinvent the local landscape gardening industry through constant improvement and innovation.

Using the latest business, technological and online advances to create a modern landscaping company.

3D visualisation

For most projects we offer free 3D visualisation, marked up plans and detailed quotes. 

You can see how your garden will look and be sure about what you are getting both in writing and visually. These 3D plans help us to be exact in our measurements, designs and when carrying out the work.


All of our staff under go training in landscaping skills, health and safety and safe excavation. 

They are assessed and graded every 3 months to help their development and ensure our work is top of the line. 

Performance bonuses for high quality

We want to encourage our staff to be the best around so we use a bonus system which rewards high standards and timely completion of work. 

The happier they make our customers the more they earn. 


We believe that the rewards for hard work should be shared so we pay everyone above minimum wage and offer opportunities for further promotions.

Diversity and equality

We respect diversity and equality by ensuring that everyone is given the same opportunities and that advancements are based on merit without bias.

Health and safety

We take the health and safety of our staff, customers and work sites very seriously. 

All staff receive annual health and safety training and there will be a designated health and safety officer on every site.


We pride ourselves on providing consistently high quality workmanship. Quality is the foundation of our business so we take it seriously. 

Unfortunately occasional mistakes are unavoidable. But where there are mistakes we guarantee to rectify them quickly.